week 3 results

Division 1:

Forest Green A move to the top of the table after a convincing 10-0 victory over Frampton B. Ben Glover, Alan Giles and Michael Harvey were the triumphant trio. Elsewhere in the division Phoenix B and Woodchester B shared the points in a 5-5 draw with Liwu Wei scoring a fine maximum for the home side, and Phoenix A lost at home to Woodchester A for whom Mark Farrow excelled winning his three singles.

Division 2:

Phoenix C moved to the top of the table after beating Woodchester C 9-1 away. Mike Davis and Andy Stratford each returning maximums. Tim Chancellor scored a max for Pessimists when they drew with the visiting Thornbury B five all.  

Division 3:

Cam A moved to the top of the table after defeating two man Whiteshill C 7-3. No player could dominate when Woodchester D beat the visiting Phoenix E 6-4. While Roger Dickenson returned a maximum for Randwick C as they beat their B team club mates 7-3.  

Division 4:

Randwick D moved to the top of the table after defeating their E team club mates 6-4, despite Tom Gill scoring a maximum for the losing side. Tony Averis was the difference for Cam B, scoring a max as his side beat the visiting Phoenix I 6-4. Chris Hampton shone for Phoenix G scoring a maximum on their visit to Forest Green D helping his team to a 7-3 win.

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