week 13 results

Division 1:

Thornbury A have firmly established themselves at the top of the division after a comfortable 8-2 win over the visiting Frampton B, Anthony Kent was unbeaten for the home side. Woodchester A are still snapping at the leaders heels though after Dave Lloyd’s and Keith Armstrong’s maximums gave them a 9-1 victory at Phoenix B. Forest Green A hold onto third place despite going down 3-7 at home to two man Woodchester B, Tony Clarkson and Clive Ellison both unbeaten on the night for Woodchester. Yate hold onto fourth place after losing out to the visiting Frampton A 4-6, Bob Murray scored a max for Frampton. A max for Simon Ward helped Phoenix A to a 7-3 victory against the visiting Cirencester.

Division 2:

Phoenix C hold onto top place after winning 7-3 away to Nailsworth A, Connor Ward was the man of the match going unbeaten for the visitors. The points were shared at five apiece in the struggle for second place between Randwick A and Whiteshill A with no player being able to dominate. Barry Morgan was man of the match, with a max for two man Pessimists but couldn’t prevent his side losing 4-6 to the visiting Whiteshill B.

Division 3:

Phoenix D hold a narrow lead at the top of the division after a Bruce Ind max inspired them to a 6-4 victory against the visiting Whiteshill C. Thornbury C maintained their strong push for the top after beating the visiting Phoenix E 8-2, thanks to maximums from Graham Eden and Steve Biles. Woodchester D, led by a Colin Bruton hat trick had a comfortable 8-2 victory over the visiting Forest Green C. A Roger Dickenson maximum helped Randwick C to a 6-4 win over the visiting Phoenix F.

Division 4:

Things are very tight at the top of the division with four sides battling for supremacy. Cam B made use of their home advantage as they beat the visiting Phoenix G 6-4, although Chris Hampton scored a max for the visitors keeping Phoenix in second place. Randwick D hold onto top spot despite being held to a five all draw at Phoenix J but no player from either side was able to dominate. Mike May was unbeaten and helped his Nailsworth B to a comfortable 8-2 win against the visiting Phoenix I. Forest Green D suffered a whitewash at the hands of local rivals Phoenix H, for whom Alex Horseman, Jim Davis and Les Hanley were all unbeaten.  

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