Gloucester County Rankings

After a very successful County Trials last Thursday, please find below the Gloucestershire Table Tennis County Cadet and Junior ranking lists for those that have shown an interest in playing for the County this season. 

Cadet Boys 


1.Stan Shilton          Stroud 

2.Marcus Holba        Stroud

3.Benjamin Greve    Gloucestershire 

4.Tom Powlesland    Cirencester

5.Akira Row             Stroud

6.George Thomas    Gloucester

7.Louis Clark           Gloucester

8.Ryan Hunt            Gloucester 


Cadet Girls 


1.Anna-Maria Besarabova   Gloucester

2.Charlotte Sparrow            Gloucester 


Junior Boys 


1. Olly Tyndal           Gloucester 

2. Ben Glover           Stroud 

3. Stan Shilton         Stroud 

4. Marcus Holba       Stroud

5. Edward Birt          Gloucester

6. Tom Cutler           Cheltenham

7. Anton Barnett       Cirencester

8. Matthew Clayton   Gloucester

9. Tirian Jakes          Stroud

10.Benjamin Greve   Gloucestershire 

11. Joe White           Cirencester

12.Louis Lovell         Stroud

13.Tom Powlesland  Cirencester

14.Akira Roe            Stroud

15.George Thomas   Gloucester 

16.Louis Clark          Gloucester

17.Scott Johnston     Cheltenham

18.Ryan Hunt           Gloucester


Junior Girls 


1.Emily Philip                    Stroud

2.Anna-Maria Besarabova  Gloucester

3.Charlotte Sparrow           Gloucester


Thank you 

 Nick Davidson 

Gloucestershire County Coach 


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