Present: Tony Woodward (chair), Rod Barr, Bhanu Chadalavada, Gareth Clarke, Alan Creed, Eddie Dennis, Dave Hyde, Bev Hyde, Peter Kent, Dave Nicholls, Paul Nichols, Trevor Ore, Martin Pringuer, Bob Read, Ray Wood.

(All clubs represented).

Apologies: Neil Colby, Veronica Downing, Iain Lindsay, Alan Thompson, Peter Trunk.

Matters arising from last AGM/committee meeting: Only one outstanding item - the proposal that the Division Three shield should be named in memory of Eric White and this received general agreement.

President’s Address: Attached to these minutes.

Chairman’s Report: Tony thanked everyone who had supported him throughout the year and specifically those officers who had organised and undertaken key roles so well.

Treasurer’s Report: In Nigel’s absence, Dave Hyde presented the accounts and was thanked especially for his extra work over the last year. Team fees to remain at £30.

Secretary’s Report: Rod commented on lots of communication with clubs and players, directly or via increased information posted to the website.

Presentation Evening Report: Tony had organised another very successful event, albeit with slightly fewer attendees than the previous year. The meeting expressed thanks for his sterling efforts on the end-of-year event.

League Development:

  • A discussion was prompted to encourage clubs to think about their teams for next season. It was likely that an overall reduction would emerge.
  • Safeguarding Policy – it was agreed to link to the Table Tennis England policy and guidelines.

Proposed Amendments to Rules: Eddie Dennis had proposed amending Rule 9c so that the final sentence read “In the event of any match remaining unplayed, points will be awarded by the Committee if it affects promotion or relegation positions of the league. The result of the match played earlier in the season to be considered when awarding points.” The meeting understood the reason for the proposal and generally concurred that no team should be disadvantaged by unplayed matches. However the actual wording as proposed did not sufficiently cover the issue and upon a vote, only 3 out of 15 present were in favour so the proposal failed.

Election of Officers: With the exception of Nigel Corbett as Treasurer, all officers had expressed willingness to continue in their roles and were re-elected en bloc. Peter Kent was proposed, seconded and confirmed as Treasurer. Trevor suggested that the title of Fixtures Officer or Secretary would more accurately describe the role he undertook as Statistics Officer – all agreed.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 11th August, 7.45pm in Rothersthorpe Village Hall. Gareth to book. Rod to circulate team registration forms for return by this meeting - all club secretaries to ensure they have confirmed their team entries in advance.


Rod had proposed an Inter League friendly match versus Daventry League – this to be investigated further..


Meeting concluded at 9.10pm.

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