Present: Nick Howard (chairman), Rod Barr, Ian Brown, Eddie Dennis, Dan Giugno, Dave Hyde, Peter Kent, Iain Lindsay, Trevor Ore, Mike Perry, Martin Pringuer, Alan Thompson, Ray Wood.

 Roade club not represented and therefore liable to £5 fine as per Rule 4c.

Apologies for absence: None.

Matters arising from last meeting:

Gayton’s unexplained absence from the 22nd March meeting was in abeyance (Eddie also absent from AGM.) In mitigation, Eddie said he hadn’t received notification of the meeting.

Financial Report:

The accounts were still to be audited and Peter presented all paperwork to Dave for his inspection. Bank balance currently £2627.

Team Registrations & Formation of Divisions:

The following teams were accepted. All fees paid with the exception of Roade. Gayton B faced relegation from Division One, but Eddie said they would not play in Division Two. The meeting was unhappy at this stance but eventually agreed that other adjustments would allow the team to remain in Division One.

DIVISION ONE – 8 teams

DIVISION TWO – 7 teams


Bugbrooke A



Towcester A

Bugbrooke B

Bugbrooke D


Bugbrooke C

Bugbrooke E

Gayton A

Yardley Gobion Eagles

Daventry Rookies

Towcester B

Gayton C

Yardley Gobion Dogs

Gayton B

Daventry Fledglings

Towcester E

Towcester C

Towcester D

Daventry Newcomers

Daventry Developers



League Programme, Fixtures Calendar & Key Dates:

  • Considerable discussion took place about the number of matches per division and the impact on the overall length of the season. It was agreed that Divisions Two and Three teams should continue to play three times, but the larger Division One with a potential 21 league matches and no free weeks was felt by Division One players present to risk postponements and unplayed matches. It was also suggested that as many players played in other leagues, a shorter season (playing twice for a total 14 matches) would still be acceptable.
  • It was further agreed that
    • Trevor and Rod would liaise over fixtures production,
    • the season would start w/c 26th September,
    • half-terms would be playing weeks,
    • Dave would try to book Bugbrooke for the Annual Tournament on Monday 27th March, Tuesday 28th March & Monday 3rd April,
    • league fixtures would be emailed to clubs as soon as agreed.

Handbooks, Scorecards & Website: Rod will draft new handbook and deliver to Nigel Corbett who had agreed to produce printed books again. Rod will set up new season on website.

Player Registration: Clubs to forward a list of players per team to Rod as soon as possible. Match results cannot be input by Divisional Secretaries if players are not assigned on website. Clubs must ensure all their players are paid up members of TT England or risk forfeiting results of ineligible players.

County/National Report: TT England individual membership is now £12 seniors, £6 cadets and juniors. A national TT365 ranking list will replace the county list. Double-entry of results will no longer be required.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 20th September. Dan to book the hall.


  • Nick said there was a big quality difference in the various makes of the new plastic balls and he offered to source some of the better ones for clubs to purchase should they wish. Daventry and Yardley teams were still playing with yellow balls because of their venue décor and they should now make every effort to purchase the plastic variants.
  • There had been some confusion last season over the ‘playing up’ rule, with some players recalling historical rather than current rules. Each season, players are registered and assigned to a particular team. Rule 7c  states “a player may play up in a maximum of three matches regardless of the number of teams in the club.” So to make this absolutely clear, this means that a player can only play up one, two or three times in a season. If a player needs to be re-registered into another team, then the same rule states “application may be made to the committee”. So again, to clarify the issue, there is no ‘automatic’ re-registration after playing up the maximum number of times.

Meeting closed at 9.25pm.

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