Present: Tony Woodward (chair and minutes), Gareth Clarke, Veronica Downing, Nick Howard, Dave Hyde, Peter Kent, Trevor Ore, Mike Perry, Alan Thompson, Peter Trunk, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood.

All clubs represented.

Apologies for absence: Rod Barr, Iain Lindsay.

Matters arising from November meeting:

  • Tony paid £5 fine for Roade’s non-attendance.
  • Tony soon to confirm Presentation Evening at The Saracen’s Head, hopefully for Saturday 11th June,  AGM date then to be confirmed also.

Financial Report:

No exceptional drawings since last meeting, just £420 County Fees. Peter had requested internet banking access for signatories, Tony signed necessary paperwork. Peter to have statement of account ready for next meeting.

Divisional Reports: No problems with fixtures in Divisions One and Three. However Dave Lyden had emailed yesterday to say YG Eagles could not field a team to complete their remaining fixtures. Rod had immediately replied to ask if the league could assist in any way but no reply had so far been received. After discussion and no obvious solution, all clubs to note Eagles would not be continuing this season and Tony suggested leaving the league table until the season end before making adjustments.

            The automated match rules set in the website had recently identified several instances of players exceeding the maximum allowed play or ‘step’ up occasions. (League rule 7c “In any season, a player may play up in a maximum of three matches regardless of the number of teams in the club.”) It was agreed that the following players would be re-registered immediately and that no penalties would be incurred on this occasion. If anyone considered a rule change was necessary, this should be proposed in the normal way.

Jim Brogan - Gayton B to A,

Richard Pringuer – Towcester C to B,

Mike Perry – Towcester D to C,

Mike Wincott – Bugbrooke C to B,

Bob Cattell – Bugbrooke E to D.

Handicap Cup: Competition progressing very well, although Roade had been forced to concede their Round Two match versus Daventry Fledglings, having been unable to field a team on Daventry’s home night and Daventry declining to change the match to Roade. Match results were analysed and reported on the website.

Vic Fisher Doubles: Tuesday, 1st March at Yardley Gobion. Ray confirmed everything in hand.

Annual Tournament: Monday 18th & Friday 22nd April, Finals Night Monday 25th April - all at Bugbrooke.

Websites: The County Management Committee had finally decided to scrap the system devised by Scott Dixon and Dave Rees was setting up a County TT365 site

The old County Ranking List will remain out-of-date until a new module is developed on the new site.

County & Table Tennis England Report: The next County meeting is on Wednesday 13th April and the AGM on 18th May.

Next meeting: Tuesday 22nd March (final week of scheduled league matches) at 7.45pm in Rothersthorpe Village Hall. Gareth to book.


  • The new Corby Smash centre had been publicised on the website.
  • Nick gave details of the initiatives at Towcester Club including new equipment and coaching plans – he was congratulated and the outputs of this work would be most welcome.
  • Rod was working to help set up a new club in Westbury, near Brackley – more details in due course.
  • It was agreed to make a charitable donation totalling £50 in memory of Jane McCarthy. Veronica to confirm details.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.

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