Present: Nick Howard (chairman), Rod Barr, Veronica Downing, Dan Giugno, Bev Hyde, Dave Hyde,

Peter Kent, Mike Perry, Alan Thompson, Ray Wood.

Roade club not represented (for second successive meeting) and therefore liable to £5 fine as per Rule 4c.

Apologies for absence: Eddie Dennis, Iain Lindsay & Fred Wakefield.

Matters arising from last meeting: It was agreed to waive the fine for Gayton’s non-attendance at the March meeting (Eddie had queried the notification of the meeting.)

Financial Report: Dave had audited last season’s accounts and explained some variances and outstanding items to the meeting. Peter reported a funds balance of £2911.26 and said he was progressing with making the bank account visible online. It was agreed that this facility should only be extended to three or four officers.

Fixtures, handbooks and scorecards:

  • Jane & Reece Hobson had produced a fixtures list for all divisions on behalf of Trevor Ore. Iain had proposed an alternative for Division One, Rod had circulated this and views were canvassed on the reduced season (playing twice not three times.) The final decision taken was to adopt Iain’s amended fixtures whilst Divisions Two and Three would retain their ‘playing three times’ season.
  • The formation of divisions this season had accommodated all teams’ preferences but comments were made that teams must be prepared to accept relegation or promotion based on Rule 10b and this would be reinforced at the AGM.
  • All teams had been emailed with the fixtures and the new season had been created on the website.
  • Dave distributed books to each club and all present at the meeting were asked to check their core contact information.
  • £10 advert fees were due from Petstop and Steve Corbett Motors. County Engravers to deduct fee from their next invoice. CED Accountancy fee waived in recognition of sponsorship re. handbook production.

Player Registration: Rod had so far assigned over 100 players to clubs and teams. Players ineligible and requiring an ETTA membership update were highlighted for club secretary action and Rod would again email the individuals concerned. The website would automatically void results from ineligible players and this received unanimous approval.

County/National Report: Teams registered in local leagues – Kettering 34, Wellingborough 30,

Northampton 26, Towcester 22, Daventry 15.

Next Meeting: Thursday 10th November (no league matches that day) and agenda items to include fixtures’ progress and Handicap Cup draw. Dan to book the hall.


  • Presentation Evening – Tony Woodward had forwarded emails from the Saracen’s Head and an organizer was required and the date to be confirmed urgently. No-one volunteered and Nick agreed to take responsibility for this event and would speak to Tony.
  • AGM – date to be agreed as soon as the above was confirmed.
  • Vic Fisher Memorial – Ray agreed that Yardley club would host once again during February.
  • Gerald Furniss Memorial – Nick said he was sure Towcester club would again organise this event at the end of the season.
  • Inter League friendly match with Daventry League – since Rod’s initial suggestion two years ago, there had been some interest from Daventry and Peter Ratcliffe was a willing supporter, however to make it happen would require significant efforts and it was therefore agreed to postpone/shelve this idea.
  • League publicity – Rod had highlighted the Banbury League’s (25 teams) Facebook page as an example of their efforts to utilize all platforms to promote themselves. Nick had also set up a Towcester League page, but the ongoing challenge was to provide an environment where all our players could help the league develop by encouraging new players to join us.
  • Veronica reported that Rothersthorpe had seen an average of six players practising weekly during the closed season although this had not yet achieved the extra team(s) the venue could easily accommodate.
  • Annual Tournament – Dave highlighted a reduction in table availability – the first Monday could still field six tables but the small hall was unavailable on the Tuesday so the maximum then would be four tables. This prompted considerable discussion about events to be staged including reviewing the age groups and first round round-robin groups. Ian Brown always considers the maximum possible participation given entries and venue limitations and he would no doubt adopt the same approach again. Dan was invited to share any ideas with Ian.

Meeting closed at 8.55pm.

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