Present: Peter Kent (chairman), Rod Barr, Veronica Downing, Dave Hyde, Phillip Kibble, Mike Perry,              Alan Thompson, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

Apologies for absence: Eddie Dennis, Iain Lindsay.

Matters arising from last meeting:

  • Rod had contacted Nigel Corbett to formally thank him for his work on producing the league handbooks; also Steve Corbett and Allen Dale re. payment for adverts.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported the bank account switch saga to Lloyds was almost complete. Combined funds currently £3,280.34 to be depleted by County TTA fees of £420.00 and hall hire.

Last season’s accounts still not audited – Peter to urgently deliver all paperwork to Dave so this can be finalised before the year end.

Divisional Progress Reports:

  • Div. One – Iain had sent his report – website up-to-date with results received. Three postponements involving Daventry Aces - all requested by their opponents (12 October Gayton A, 16 October Bugbrooke A, 16 November Towcester A) so not Daventry’s fault but still exceeding the maximum postponements allowed. There was no discussion about rules and penalties. Iain had also highlighted several instances of poor completion of scorecards including individual games scores recorded the wrong way round. Clubs to ask their teams to take greater care.
  • Div. Two – Fred reported all matches up-to-date although two will be postponed this week.
  • Div. Three – Dave reported website up-to-date with exception of two postponements (28 September R’thorpe v Gayton C, 27 October Towcester E v Daventry Dees).

Player Registration: Rod had so far assigned 107 players to teams, though 20 had yet to play. Clubs to identify any registered player who would definitely not be competing and Rod will update membership records.

Handicap Cup Draw: Mike presided over the excitement of the evening and the draw was made in record time. Mike to circulate the draw, Rod to draft out new ranking lists for approval by end of week.

County/National Report: Nothing to report.

Next Meeting: Suggested for Tuesday 9th January. (Found later to be unavailable because hall already booked so Thursday 11th January chosen instead).


  • Rod highlighted urgent need for someone to liaise with Towcester Saracen’s Head to book a date for the Presentation Dinner – Mike volunteered to make contact the very next day. (Secretary’s note – booking confirmed for Saturday 2nd June 2018).
  • Peter reported on conversations with Daventry club regarding ‘coaching during play’ which had caused some upset with opponents over the length of time taken and the consequent disruption to continuous play. The latest ITTF rule change does not apply to local leagues unless specifically adopted and so it was generally agreed that short coaching/encouragement messages are perfectly acceptable between games such as when towelling or taking a drink, but that these intervals should certainly be less than a minute in length.


Meeting closed at 8.27pm.

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