Present: Peter Kent (chairman), Rod Barr, Ian Brown, Eddie Dennis, Veronica Downing, Dave Hyde,

Phillip Kibble, Mike Perry, Bob Read, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

Apologies for absence: Iain Lindsay.

Much to his surprise, the meeting acknowledged Eddie’s forthcoming 80th birthday and presented him with a card and homemade cake (the latter sampled by the eager committee) – all organized by Veronica.

Matters arising from last meeting:

  • It was agreed the £10 fine attributable to Rothersthorpe for non-attendance at the AGM could be waived.
  • Roade had paid their £5 fine.
  • Gayton C registration fee to be paid.
  • Ian commented on the tournament survey responses, which on balance had led to keeping a similar format to last season. Dates in handbook.

Fixtures, Handbooks & Scorecards: Rod had circulated and published the new fixtures on 1st September. Just one venue clash – November 15th, Gayton A & C, to be resolved by reversing a couple of their fixtures. Additional time pressure exerted this season because of uncertainty over Everdon’s involvement. Dave distributed handbooks received from Nigel Corbett and key details checked by all. Rod to formally thank Nigel, elicit any expense claim from him and also request payment from Steve Corbett and Allen Dale for adverts.

Player Registration: Rod had assigned all players notified to him, lists still awaited from Gayton and Towcester. Any players unpaid on TTE membership system would be highlighted to clubs to remedy.

County/National Report: Teams registered in the county – Daventry 17, Towcester 21, Northampton 24, Wellingborough 29, Kettering 33.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 14th November (no scheduled league matches). Veronica to book the hall.


  • Dave mentioned that several Bugbrooke players were away and unavailable for the first week(s).
  • Orange plastic balls are now more easily obtainable. Daventry have already sourced some and Yardley would follow suit.

 Meeting closed at 9.17pm

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