Present: Rod Barr, Eddie Dennis, Hartley Hancock, Dave Hyde, Phillip Kibble, Iain Lindsay, Mike Perry, Bob Read, Alan Thompson, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood.

Apologies for absence: Ian Brown, Peter Kent & Tony Woodward.

In the Chairman’s absence (vehicle breakdown en route to the meeting) Alan Thompson volunteered to chair the meeting – all in favour.

Matters arising from last meeting:

·         No formal amendment to rules had been submitted following the AGM discussions, so following up a comment made at that meeting the postponements rule should be clarified so that everyone knew before the season started what was expected of them. Iain said his prime concern was that teams kept Divisional Secretaries informed of postponements/problems and Eddie repeated that if all matches were played before the end of the season then his view was there really wasn’t a problem with postponements.

·         Dave had spoken to Robert George regarding the Vice Chairman’s role and Robert had agreed a more regular Committee attendance was more appropriate so he was happy to stand down. Alan Thompson volunteered to undertake this role – all in favour.

·         Dave confirmed that following her 90th birthday Sue Gibbons had decided to retire from league table tennis. A suggestion had been made to devise a commemorative event in Sue’s name (Dave suggested a hard bat event) and Rod opined that initially it might be good to present her with a personal engraved keepsake recognising her long table tennis career and thanking her for her support of the league. This received general agreement and Dave was asked to source something suitable (remainder of text redacted).

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported funds of £2,875.25 and he had reconciled the accounts for last season which could now be audited ready for next meeting. No update yet on Roade’s registration fees.

Team Registration & Formation of Divisions: All clubs had completed their registration forms (Roade confirmed by telephone) and three divisions were confirmed with a total of 20 teams playing each other three times. Discussion over the relative strength and placement of teams was informed by the following:-

·         Yardley Gobion Eagles had lost their two strongest players.

·         Although Daventry Bees had won Division Two, their top player Keegan Barstow would no longer play in that team and Benji Gatward would no longer be a regular player.

DIVISION ONE – 6 teams

DIVISION TWO – 7 teams


Bugbrooke A

Bugbrooke B

Bugbrooke D

Daventry Aces

Bugbrooke C

Bugbrooke E

Gayton A

Daventry Bees

Daventry Dees

Roade A

Daventry Cees


Towcester A

Gayton B

Towcester D

Towcester B

Gayton C

Yardley Gobion Eagles


Towcester C

Yardley Gobion Dogs

League Programme, Fixtures & Key Dates:

·         Season start date Monday 24th September.

·         Annual Tournament – possibly weeks commencing 1st & 8th April but Dave said the small hall at Bugbrooke would be unavailable and this would limit the number of games/events so perhaps a weekend date or another venue should be considered. After discussion it was decided to let Ian Brown canvass opinions and determine the best option.

Handbooks, Scorecards & Website: Rod was awaiting agreement from Nigel Corbett over production of handbooks and scorecards. Rod would set up the new season on the website as soon as all clubs provided him with a list of players per team. Jane Hobson had volunteered to calculate the fixture lists once more. Rod would circulate these to clubs and team contacts asap.

Player Registration: New forms issued for each team to list and inform their players about the new Data Protection legislation. Completed forms to be returned to Rod asap. Bob queried whether individual signatures were really necessary and Rod replied that he wanted confirmation that individuals had been personally advised to amend their GDPR access – the league as well as TTE were deemed ‘Data Controllers’ and he believed the ‘full access’ option would work best for league administration and avoid any possibility of contravening the legislation.

County/National Report: Rod confirmed the TTE Individual Membership fees were now due and had increased to £16 (£8 juniors and cadets). He also reported on the County situation following the recent death of long-serving Chairman Ken Marchant.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 11th September - Mike to book. Secretary’s note: Village Hall not available so Tuesday 18th booked instead

AOB: Alan asked if teams playing at Daventry versus the junior sides would help achieve earlier finish times by playing on two tables wherever possible. This received general agreement – all clubs to inform relevant teams.

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm.

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