Present: Peter Kent (chairman), Rod Barr, Charlie Black, Ian Brown, Eddie Dennis, Dave Hyde, Phillip Kibble, Mike Perry, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

All clubs represented

Apologies for absence: Iain Lindsay.

Matters arising from last meeting:

  • Last season’s accounts still to be audited – the November meeting had agreed this should be finalised before the end of 2017. Peter repeated his promise to take all papers to Dave by next weekend.
  • Towcester reps asked to confirm dates for the Gerald Furniss tournament as soon as possible.
  • Iain had written to query some wording in the January minutes:-
    • ‘most of Daventry’s matches…’ should read ’all of Daventry’s matches…’ Rod explained this referred not to the number of postponed matches (all of which had been postponed by others) but to the scheduled matches to date. He had amended the minutes accordingly.
    • it was acknowledged (by Rod) that ‘greater clarity’ could be achieved in the postponements rules, so it seemed contradictory to say the rules ‘still clearly state the allowance  is a maximum of two games…’ Rod explained that although he thought the rule could be improved to prevent any possible misinterpretation, others present had commented that they understood the current rule and it was perfectly clear.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported funds of £2529.00 in Lloyd and £233.34 in HSBC.

Divisional Progress Reports: Lots of ‘catching up’ had been achieved, especially in Division One.

  • Div. One – Iain had sent his report which included outstanding fixtures as follows:-
    • 14 December Aces v Bugbrooke A scheduled for 5 April.
    • 15 December Towcester A v Gayton A scheduled for 6 April.
    • 23 March Towcester B v Bugbrooke A scheduled for 6 April.
    • 9 March Towcester A v YG Eagles. Yardley had said they were definitely unable to play this away fixture before the end of the season and so had conceded the match. The meeting agreed a 10-0 result in Towcester’s favour.
    • Secretary’s note – since the meeting YG Eagles had asked for a postponement of their 22 March fixture away to Daventry Aces. Match actually played on 28 March.
  • Div. Two – only one match to be played, 16 March Towcester D v Daventry Cees.
  • Div. Three – Dave reported on the two Bugbrooke matches between the D and E teams which had been impacted by family bereavement. The meeting agreed because of exceptional circumstances that should one fixture be completed the points could be ‘doubled-up’.
    • 16 March Towcester E v Rothersthorpe scheduled for 29 March.
    • Dave also explained two new players had been registered -  Eugene Butan for YG Dogs and Mike Davison for  Bugbrooke D. Neither would significantly affect league positions but had solved issues for teams involved. Both registrations ratified without dissent.

Handicap Cup: Mike reported on the latest matches and Rod had uploaded reports to the website.

Vic Fisher Memorial Doubles: Thanks were expressed to Ray and the Yardley players for organizing another successful event despite the wintry weather. Report on the website.

Annual Closed Tournament: Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 April with Finals on Monday 23 April. Dave highlighted a later start time on the 17th – a Blood Donor session would not finish till 8pm. Ian would tailor events to suit number of entries. Rod reminded everyone that the current eligibility rule was designed to allow more people to enter subject to any seeding. All clubs to contact their players and arrange for perpetual trophies from last year to be returned to the tournament.

Presentation Dinner: Mike said he had sorted the menu with The Saracens Head and would circulate details and deal with the raffle. All clubs to please donate raffle prizes. Peter was to coordinate the ordering, engraving and delivery of trophies - a big job which was explained in detail by Tony. The deadline was a month before the Dinner.

County/National Report: Nothing to report.

Next Meeting: AGM on 19th June – Mike to book. Rod reminded everyone that prior notice would be appreciated of any retiring officers and that any formal proposals for rules amendments should be submitted no later than a month before the meeting.) Secretary's note: date subsequently changed to 26th June.


  • Rod spoke about league development and his discussions with the Daventry League. Peter Ratcliffe was keen to investigate possibilities for our two leagues and was willing to facilitate a small ‘task force’. Rod would email all players to ask for volunteers.
  • Following previous discussions about postponements, Rod had circulated some suggestions about how the rules could be amended. Iain had also circulated his ideas which included eliminating the ‘two match allowance’, applying a potential points penalty to the team postponing the match and setting up a sub committee to pull all views together and present recommendations. Protracted discussion ensued around this topic including reference to what other leagues legislate on the topic. Views included:
    • If all matches get played by the deadline, what is the problem?
    • The current rules should suffice if everyone interprets them the same way.
    • There was no enthusiasm for a sub committee.
    • An allowance of two matches seems reasonable.
    • Some home teams can find it difficult and potentially costly to rearrange multiple matches.
    • Regardless of who requests the postponement, the home team should always take priority in offering alternative dates.

      The consensus was therefore that anyone with formal proposals should submit them for voting on at the AGM.

  • Rod commented that whilst watching a Division One match recently he was very surprised to see one player serving in a clearly illegal fashion. All clubs had been asked to highlight this issue at the start of the season and it was disappointing if experienced players especially did not set a good example in this respect.


Meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

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