Present: Peter Kent (chair), Rod Barr, Eddie Dennis, Dave Hyde, Phillip Kibble, Iain Lindsay, Mike Perry,          Bob Read, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward. (All clubs represented.)

Apologies for absence: Ian Brown, Alan Thompson.

Matters arising from last meeting:

·         Tony paid £5 for Roade’s absence from the January meeting.

·         Thanks to Yardley Gobion club for organizing and hosting another successful Vic Fisher tournament.

·         Thanks in advance to Towcester club for agreeing to organize and host the Gerald Furniss event on 26th April and 3rd May.

·         Two funerals had taken place – John Mayes and Len Schofield. Rod, Eddie, Dave & Bev had attended.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported current funds of £2,699.10.

Divisional Progress Reports:

·         Division One – Iain reported just one postponed match to be played this week – Roade v Daventry Aces. Aces had retained their title and Towcester A were runners up. He was pleased postponements had been much reduced from last season and thanked people for emailing results/sending in cards promptly and Dave for entering Bugbrooke home matches.  Several people had commented they had very long breaks between fixtures, particularly after Christmas and even allowing for the fact that extra free weeks were generated by fewer teams than in the other divisions he thought this could be improved on. He also said scheduling matches in week commencing 17th December was not a good idea (although this had been agreed by Committee and teams had been invited to move those matches to w/c 1st January). It was noted that starting the Handicap Cup earlier in the season was not a quick fix because players needed time to meet the qualifying standard and for new players to be allocated accurate rankings.

·         Division Two – It was noted the postponed Towcester C v Bugbrooke C match had been scheduled after the deadline. No significant impact to league table or player records was envisaged and the Committee agreed this could go ahead.

·         Division Three – Dave reported all matches completed on time. Yardley Gobion Eagles had beaten Bugbrooke D in their final match to top the table with Bugbrooke runners up.

Handicap Cup Draw: Mike reported the Semi Finals were Daventry Cees v YG Eagles and Roade v Bugbrooke E. Some close results had been achieved throughout the competition, though Bugbrooke E had thrashed their D team. Iain commented he didn’t expect any sympathy but he thought the competition was too difficult for the top teams (although in the last ten years six Division One teams had reached the final, two had won the Cup and two had only lost by a point or two.)

Annual Tournament: Daytime Saturday 30th March with Finals Night Monday 1st April. 25 entries received and in Ian’s absence Dave & Bev would run the tournament.

Presentation Dinner: Mike had booked The Saracen’s Head for Saturday 8th June (the earliest available). He would deal with all venue arrangements, menu, tickets, etc. and Peter volunteered to order the trophies again.

County/National Report:

·         County AGM Monday 20th May, Mike & Rod would hopefully both attend.

·         County Tournament 27-29th April, closing date 6th April.

·         Rod gave latest update on the TTE v TT365 saga.

Next Meeting:

·         AGM 11th June – just three days after Presentation Evening so pressure on preparation and auditing of accounts. Monies from end of season events to be processed asap.

·         Deadline for proposals to amend League Rules is 13th May and Rod would circulate any received. He said the postponements rules should be amended because they are not currently being adhered to.

AOB: None

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

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