2018/19 Season

Matches to played on the normal match night of the 'home' team.

Venue can be changed to the 'away' team, if home team venue is unavailable.

Matches are 4 games of 11 up (at 10-10, a game finishes at 11-10)

Matches are 9 singles only (there is no Doubles)

The scorecard should be sent to the Match Secretary within 7 days of the match taking place.


FIRST ROUND: Week Commencing 26th November 2018

1 Culcheth A 365 v Padgate C 383

2 Daresbury B 405 v JaguarLandRover 440

3 Padgate A conceded v Cinnamon Brow A


SECOND ROUND: Week Commencing 21st January 2019

1 Cinnamon Brow C v Sutton

2 Culcheth B v Culcheth C

3 Cinnamon Brow A v Cinnamon Brow B

4 Padgate C v Warrington TTC C

5 JaguarLandRover v Culcheth E

6 Culcheth D v Sumo

7 Padgate B v Daresbury A

8 Warrington TTC A v Warrington TTC B


THIRD ROUND: Week Commencing 25th February 2019


2017-2018 SEASON - Fixtures & Results 2017_18.pdf

2016-2017 SEASON - Fixtures and Results 2016_17.pdf

2015-2016 SEASON - Fixtures and Results 2015_16.pdf


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