Week 4 Report

The Results for week 4 matches are now in:

In the Premier league, Akash Shah won 3 singles (again) as Post Office beat Cougars, while Piotr Borkowski won 3 as Solaris 'A' won their 4th straight match to keep top spot. Ken Stonebridge remained unbeaten as Abbots beat Aardvarks. Sadly, Urban 'A' have had to withdraw from the league. Bats remain 2nd in the Division, just 2 points behind Solaris 'A'.

In Div 1, Dolphins overcame Gazelles 5-3 aided by Andy Miller winning 3 singles. Jonathan Jackson was unbeaten as Watling 'A' were too strong for Hounds. Eagles retain a healthy 4-point lead at the top of the table, as James Murray was unbeaten in their 5-3 win over Falcons. 

In Div 2, the top 2 teams met, Bartek Rzasa won 3 singles as Solaris 'B' inflicted a first defeat on Kangaroos, Solaris opening up a 4 point lead at the top of the table. Iguana's move into 3rd place with a 6-2 win over Meerkats. Oxhet Hall ran out 5-3 winners against Lions to move into 4th place in the Division.

In Div 3, youngster Adam Barber won his 3 singles as Quails ran out 5-3 winners against Panthers, while Watling 'D' kept within a point of the top of the table with a 7-1 win at Ospreys.


Premier Division: Cougars vs. Post Office 3-5; Solaris 'A' vs. Urban 'B' 7-1; Abbots Langley vs. Aardvarks 5-3;

Division One: Gazelles vs. Dolphins 3-5; Watling 'A' vs. Hounds 6-2; Falcons vs. Eagles 3-5; Watling 'B' vs. Watling 'C' *waiting*

Division Two: Kangaroos vs. Solaris 'B' 2-6; Iguanas vs. Meerkats 6-2; Oxhey Hall CA vs. Lions 5-3

Division Three: Panthers vs. Quails 3-5; Ospreys vs. Watling 'D' 1-7

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