Week 1 Report

The season is now underway, and the results for week 1 are now in.

In the Premier league, 3 singles wins for Stuart Seaholme (Bats), Mitchell Jones (Urban 'A'), Russell Davies (Urban 'B') & Piotr Borkowski (Solaris 'A'), as all the teams apart from Abbots (without talisman Ken) registered at least a point. 

In Division 1, young newcomer Nick Radia was the only player to win all 3 singles, helping Eagles to the only maximim of the opening week.

In Division 2, Rick Poplawski (Lions), newcomer Marius Wiejck (Solaris 'B') and young cadet Jo Longstaff (Kangaroos) all secured 3 singles wins for their respective teams.

In Division 3, youngster Lewis Slade (Newts), David Saunders (LMR Audit), Mark Itzcovitz (Watling D) were all unbeaten in their 3 singles.


Premier Division: (Jets) Bats vs. Post Office 5-3; Urban 'A' vs. Abbots Langley 7-1; Aardvarks vs. Urban 'B' 2-6; Solaris 'A' vs.Cougars 5-3

Division One: Eagles vs. Watling 'C' 8-0; Watling 'A' vs. Watling 'B' 2-6; Dolphins vs. Hounds 4-4; Falcons vs. Gazelles 3-5

Division Two: Meerkats vs. Lions 2-6; Jaguars vs. Solaris 'B' 1-7; Oxhey Hall CA vs. Kangaroos 2-6

Division Three: Newts vs. Panthers 7-1; Ospreys vs. LMR Audit 2-6; Watling 'D' vs. Quails 6-2

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