Week 15 Report

The Results for week 15 matches are now in:

In the Premier Division, Kevin Williams was unbeaten as Bats beat Post Office. Aardvarks beat 2-man Urban 'B' 7-1 to secure a welcome haul of maximum points. Cougars had a walkover against Solaris 'A', who lose top spot to Bats.

In Div 1, Allan Lander was unbeaten for Gazelles, who share the points with Falcons. The youngsters of Eagles maintain a real chance of winning the Division with an emphatic 8-0 win against Watling 'C'. James Dance again won all 3 singles for Hounds, but finished on the losing side against Dolphins. Leaders Watling 'A' remain
top with maximum points against Watling 'B'.

In Div 2, youngster Jacob Smith continues his fine form and was unbeaten as Kangaroos drew with experienced Oxhey Hall. Rick Poplawski won all 3 singles as Lions edged out Meerkats. Jaguars won by walkover against Solaris 'B', who sadly have withdrawn from the league following issues around not being able to field a team over recent weeks.

In Div 3, youngster Adam Barber won all 3 singles to help Quails to a 5-3 win over Watling 'D', while John Hutchison repeated the feat for LMR Audit, who scored maximum points against Ospreys. Young Lewis Slade was unbeaten as leaders Newts maintain their grip on the top of the table.


Premier Division: Post Office vs. Bats 2-6; Urban 'B' vs. Aardvarks 1-7; Cougars vs. Solaris 'A' 8-0

Division One:  Gazelles vs. Falcons 4-4; Watling 'C' vs. Eagles 0-8; Hounds vs. Dolphins 3-5; Watling 'B' vs. Watling 'A' 0-8

Division Two: Kangaroos vs. Oxhey Hall CA 4-4; Lions vs. Meerkats 5-3; Solaris 'B' vs. Jaguars 0-8   

Division Three: Quails vs. Watling 'D' 5-3; LMR Audit vs. Ospreys 7-1; Panthers vs. Newts 2-6

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