2016-17 Week 2 Report

The week 2 matches have now been played and results are now in:

In the Premier league, 3 singles wins Vasile Spinu (Jets Aardvarks) and Robert Spiegelhalter (Jets Cougars), Sammy Kaye (Watling A) and Kiran Chidambaram (Jets Bats) as Watling ‘A’ and Jets Aardvarks set the early pace at the top of the league.

In Division 1, Russell Davies (Herts Abbots ‘B’) and evergreen Geof Bax (Jets Iguanas) both won all 3 singles, but again only Jets Iguanas captured maximum points, to extend their early lead and retain top spot.

In Division 2, 3 singles wins each for Ben Babcock (Jets Ospreys) and Peter Denholm (Jets Kangaroos).Jets Kangaroos are narrowly leading the table, but Jets Kangaroos have a game in hand…

In Division 3, Stephan Dryan (Jets Quails) and Terry Hyman (Watling ‘D’) both won all 3 singles. After week 2 3 teams are tied at the top (Jets Panthers, Jets Quails and Jets Unicorns) with identical points and games won!


Premier Division:  Jets Falcons vs. Jets Aardvarks 3-5; Jets Dolphins vs. Watling 'A' 2-6; Jets Cougars vs. ; Herts Abbots ‘A’ 8-0; Jets Eagles vs. Jets Bats 1-7.

Division One: Watling ‘C’ vs. Jets Hounds 3-5; Herts Abbots ‘B’ vs. Jets Gazelles 5-3; Jets Jaguars vs. Jets Iguanas 1-7.

Division Two: LMR Audit vs. Oxhey Hall CA 3-5; Jets Meerkats vs. Jets Ospreys 4-4; Jets Lions vs. Jets Kangaroos 0-8.

Division Three: Jets Panthers vs. Jets Squirrels 6-2; Jets Tigers vs. Jets Quails 2-6; Jets Unicorns vs. Watling ‘D’ 3-5

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