Dear Colleagues

  • Welcome to the 2016/17 season wishing all your players in your teams every success.

  • The League has lost one team this season, we are now down to 30 teams, and will run three divisions of 10, run over a 12 team format. Any fixture(s) that need to be postponed should be re-arranged as soon as possible. Remember you can ask players in the teams below your team to play up, or ask to reverse the fixture or play at an alternative venue.

  • We welcome Geoff Neville to the position of Divisional Secretary for Division 2, following on from Alan Hill’s excellent administration of this Division for several years, Alan will continue to serve on the Committee.

  • After 15th October, Geoff will be able to accept score sheets by email –

    For the first 3 weeks, continue to send in your score sheets to him by post and arrangements have been made to collect them, alternatively, scan and email them to the League Secretary, Deirdre - who will compile the press reports in his absence.

  • Please ensure that all your players have renewed their TT365 membership, before you start competitive play as points won, will be deducted, if membership has not been renewed.

  • TT365 are involved in producing a nationwide ranking list, which can be filtered for individual County use, this is a new venture and there will obviously be some discrepancies, as to positions, please be patient as we see how things pogress.


Good luck

Yours in Sport


K J Marchant


K.J. Marchant


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