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Round 1 Results

 For a number of years the Challenge Trophy competition has run very smoothly with virtually no withdrawals and most matches have been very close after taking into account handicaps, unfortunately this season has seen in the very first round a spate of withdrawals and numerous matches resulting in huge victory margins due to weakened sides or substandard performances.


Thrapston (rec 190) 498 v Wanderers A (0) 378

Higham Band B (105) 442 v Wanderers D (0) 395

Chesterwell C (0) 402 v Old Grammarians B (15) 314

Higham Band A (105) 412 v Old Grammarians A (0) 412 *

Chesterwell D (395) 443 v Chesterwell A (0) 440

Westfield C (0) 275 v Chesterwell B (0) 407

St John B (0) 436 v Westfield E (250) 408

Westfield B (220) 469 v Westfield A (0) 358

WHA Rising Stars (300) 435 v WDHA Superkings (0) 440

Wanderers C (130) 384 v WDHA Royals (0) 431


Results Breakdown

Thrapston (rec 190) 498:                (Chris Warliker 120/82, Steve West 94/119, Alan Tyler 62/125)

Wanderers A (0) 378:                        (Andy Law 107/94, Scott Dixon 124/79, Jon Taylor Burt 105/103)

 Lacking Tony Wharton in the ranks and with Scott Dixon and Jon Taylor Burt arriving late, the visitors looked due to struggle and so it proved. The opener set the scene as Chris Warliker scored a brilliant 11-4, 11-4, 11-9m 11-3 win over Andy Law and when in game 5 he repeated the dose with a 11-7, 11-6, 11-9, 11-4 victory over Taylor Burt the match was virtually over. For the visitors, Dixon restricted Alan Tyler to 16 points and shared with the in-form Warliker, but with Andy Law only gaining 11 points on the night, the hosts cruised home by 120 points.


Higham Band B (105) 442:  (Deirdre Kiziak 114/105, Devlin Whitmore 112/118, Raylee Burton 78/128)

Wanderers D (0) 395:             (Roger Ellingham 125/94, Graham Babbage 107/106, Mike Howorth 119/104)

 Prior to the game the hosts were far from confident but excellent performances by League Secretary, Deirdre Kiziak and Devlin Whitmore more than compensated for Raylee Burton, who struggled somewhat. The visitors were well on handicap on the half way mark but game 7 saw Whitmore gain 6 points in a shared 2-2 with Mike Howorth 10-11, 10-11, 11-8, 11-6 and the tie was clinched in game 9 where Kiziak scored a superb 4-0 win over Graham Babbage 11-3, 11-5, 11-7, 11-5 to make the doubles academic.


Chesterwell C (0) 402:             (Clare Coles 107/103, Johnathan Driscoll 127/73, Daniel Mann 126/76)

Old Grammarians B (15) 314:  (Adrian Howes 62/130, Martin Rice 96/114, Roger Fleming 94/116)

It is generally accepted that the gulf between divisions 2 & 3 is not very much and the handicap reflected this as these teams were only 4 places apart in the League tables at the time the draw was made. However, the match was completely one sided as Game 4 saw Johnathan Driscoll restrict Adrian Howes to 18 with a 11-4, 11-3, 11-8, 11-3 win, but for a somewhat below par performance by Clare Coles who lost out to Roger Fleming and Martin Rice, the massive 88 points victory would have been even higher.


Higham Band A (105) 412:                 (Nigel Magee 90/127, Keith Stockley 86/127, Perce Sharp 109/112)

Old Grammarians A (0) 412*:           (Phil Laurence 110/117, Mick Ball 130/86, Martyn Reeves 126/82)

In view of the large victories in some of the other games, this match which resulted in a rare tie was a tonic for the handicappers. The first 7 games had 5 within the handicap but game 2 saw Mick Ball win out 11-5, 11-6, 11-10, 11-4 over Keith Stockley and game 5, Martyn Reeves saw off Nigel Magee 11-4, 11-8, 11-6, 11-7 , to leave the visitors firm favourites, but Perce Sharp, who normally struggles in the cup gave the hosts a good chance with an excellent 11-6, 11-9, 11-3, 9-11 win over Laurence. 24 points in front at the doubles, the Band were clear favourites, but is a disappointing doubles performance Sharp and Magee went down 3-11, 5-11, 4-11, 8-11 to Laurence and Ball to see the match tied.

Despite the presence of a Divisional Secretary, neither side seemed to know the rules, despite instructions on the score sheet and in the handbook, but the cup secretary ruled that the 11-3 extra set doubles win would see the visitors through to the second round.


Chesterwell D (395) 443:                  (Katie Coles 25/132, Gavin Birmingham 21/132)

Chesterwell A (0) 440:                        (Valdy Papiernik 132/12, Mike Pond 132/9, Stan Galkowski 132/25)

The Leagues prides itself on catering for every standard and this was reflected in the massive handicap. Normally a side with only two players would have little or no chance but with only 45 points required, there were only 4 or 5 points to make up. Mike Pond and Valdy Papiernik were well within handicap which should have ensured victory but considering the difference in ability, Stan Galkowski had a night to forget conceding in the concept of the game an unbelievable 25 points which saw the Leagues bottom markers with only 1 point in the table, edge home by 3 points.


Westfield C (0) 275:                            (Mark Holly 80/129, Stuart Jones 78/129, Piotr Polanski 78/119)

Chesterwell B (0) 407:                       (Stuart Coles 112/102, Maxine Shears 132/68, Luke Hughes 132/66)

On paper, with both sides having identical records a scratch match seemed to indicate a close match but events proved otherwise. For the visitors Stuart Coles was slightly over handicap but Luke Hughes and Maxine Shears were far too good and it was hard to realise why they were not far higher in the table. Typical of the night were games 5 and 6 where Hughes won out 11-6, 11-5, 11-8, 11-2 over Mark Holly and Shears 11-7, 11-2, 11-6, 11-4 over Piotr Polanski. At the doubles the away side were a colossal 140 points in front but Coles and Hughes eased off in the doubles, sharing 11-7, 5-11, 11-4, 10-11 with Stuart Jones and Polanski to win by a baffling 132 point margin.


St John B (0) 436:                               (Mike Terry 132/32, Paul Lipczak 132/43, Steve Mansfield 128/67)

Westfield E (250) 408                         (Stuart Rae 62/128, Eleanor Smyth 29/132, Ian Rae 51/132)

A feature in past cup years has been how struggling sides in any of the Leagues’ over perform in the competition. This was another example as the hosts overcame a large handicap to gain a superb victory. Only in game 6 did the visitors attain handicap when Stuart Rae did well gaining a leg in his defeat to Steve Mansfield 7-11, 8-11, 4-11, 11-7, whilst Mike Terrys performance was not unexpected. Hero of the night for the hosts was undoubtedly Paul Lipczak who shook of his top division blues to restrict the visitors to a mere 43 points.


Westfield B (220) 469:                   (Leigh Clements 67/128, Charlie Morrow 88/123, Charlie Clements 94/107)

Westfield A (0) 358:                         (Travis Holly 102/117, Stephen Woolston 124/81, Kevin Bird 132/51)

With their extremely poor league form, Westfield B could have hardly been confident but with Patryk Polanski absent and Travis Holly taken ill during the game, this became a non-context with the doubles conceded and the current Division 1 champions crashed out with a 111 point deficit.


WHA Rising Stars (300) 435:              (Swati Jethwa 37/132, Bipasha Ganatra 40/132, Akash Kumar 23/132)

WDHA Superkings (0) 440:                (Dev Patel 132/33,  Himanshu Ganatra 132/41, Manav Pandya 132/41)

This inter club tie saw the higher division side giving a perfect example of overcoming a stiff handicap. The Rising Stars were always slightly in front of handicap in the first 4 games, but Manav Pandya gave an excellent performance gaining 23 points against Swati Jethwa and the Superkings looked slight favourites. However, heavy defeats in the next 4 games saw the Division 3 side only 4 points in front at the doubles and defeat looked inevitable. Not dismayed Bipasha Ganatra and Akash Kumar fought magnificently gaining a massive 35 points in a 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 8-11 defeat to Dev Patel and Milan Pandya, to miss out by 5 points, a real credit to the division.


Wanderers C (130) 384:                    (Maurice Jones 62/130, Carl Singh 69/132,  James Findlay 83/132)

WDHA Royals (0) 431:                      (Abin Islam 132/75, Shyam Bavalia 130/78,  Nitin Patel 132/61)

Normally a good cup side, the hosts gave an insipid display failing to reach the handicap in the first 8 games, to leave the game virtually over. The visitors eased off allowing James Findlay and Maurice Jones to amass 68 points in the last 2 singles but it still meant that the match was over at the doubles. Carl Singh and James Findlay gaining a meaningless share 9-11, 11-8, 9-11, 11-7 with Abin Islam and Shyam Bavalia to reduce the deficit to 47.

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