St John A 8 v St John B 2

Club’s seeding with an excellent treble, his highlight being a five set win 9-11, 11-9, 7-11, 11-5, 11-2 win over Mike Terry. However, Terry recovered well to take Grant Timms to the wire, losing out 9-11, 11-8, 7-11, 11-5, 10-12 and comfortably saw off Pete Boustred. Steve Mansfield and David Hatherall were well off pace but Mansfied joined with Terry to earn a surprise doubles win, again in five ends over Boustred and Perkins.

Wanderers A 9 v St John B 1

An unwelcome feature which has not been present for the last two seasons has reared its head again in promoted sides fielding weak teams or playing short. This happened for the second time in early season with Mike Terry absent and only 2 players fielded. Nevertheless a tin hat was avoided when a win, gained by other than Terry was earned when David Hatherall won 12-10, 11-8, 8-11, 11-9 over Jon Taylor-Burt, who also struggled against Paul Lipczak before winning out 12-10, 14-12, 10-12, 11-6. Andy Law and Tony Wharton were both reasonably untroubled.

St John A 4 v Chesterwell A 6

Any match between sides expected to finish in the top six is normally well contested and this was no exception. Grant Timms in fine form scored an excellent treble, highlight being a 10-12, 14-12, 11-0, 10-12, 11-4 win over Stan Galkowski. Richard Wills won out 11-9, 11-6, 7-11, 11-8 over Valdy Papiernik but was well beaten by Mike Pond and Galkowski. Jon Perkins not able to continue his form from his previous game, slumping badly without a leg gained.



 Higham Harriers B 3 v Higham Band A 7

This meeting of the 2 Higham clubs resulted in a good win for the visitors, lifting them a couple of places up the league table. All 3 of the Band Club’s players, Pete Martin, Keith Stockley and Perce Sharp carded good doubles whilst the Harriers’ Phil Inman, playing for the 1st

time this season replied with a good brace of his own to go with a single win from Mick Malins. Martin & Stockley rounded off a good night for the Band Club with a 5 set doubles victory over Inman & Neil Stevens.

Chesterwell B 4 v Old Grammarians A 6

The O.G.s maintained their good start to the season with another victory, this time at the expense of Chesterwell B, with Luke Hughes’ fighting treble, added to a single win from Maxine Shears not being quite enough to save them from defeat. Two wins apiece from Mick Ball and Martyn Reeves plus a single win from Phil Laurence made up 5 of the O.G.s points before Ball & Reeves clinched the victory by edging out Hughes & Shears in the 5th set of the doubles. 

Westfield C 1 v WDHA Superkings 9

The Superkings secured another good away victory with a thumping 9-1 scoreline against Westfield C. Maximums from Tarun Mistry and Himanshu Ganatra to go with a double from Dev Patel did the damage whilst Stuart Jones’ lone victory over Patel proved to be Westfield’s only point of the night. Mistry & Ganatra rounded off a good night’s work with a 3 set doubles victory over Jones & Mark Holly.

Stanwick VHTTC 6 v Chesterwell C 4

The hosts preserved their 100% record with another close victory, this time seeing off Chesterwell C by a 6-4 margin. Ian Baldock’s 6th maximum of the season again proved to be decisive with single wins from Geoff Neville and Kevin Tivey providing good support. Chesterwell’s Johnathan Driscoll and Daniel Mann both carded excellent doubles to keep the scoreline tight before Stanwick ran out winners when Baldock & Neville took the doubles over Driscoll & Mann in straight sets.



Chesterwell D 0 v Wanderers D 10

A re-arranged match Wanderers D sees them top the Division 3 table and there is tight battle for first place between four sides. Chesterwell, once again with only two players, however, Katie Coles managed to take an end from Graham Babbage, which is not mean feat, and together with Gavin Birmingham extending Babbage and Roger Ellingham in the doubles, losing out 5-11, 4-11, 11-8, 4-11.

Westfield E 7 v WDHA Rising Stars 3

Westfield E increases their lead over the Rising Stars, both teams currently towards the bottom of the division. Ashley Pedlar, Iain Rae and Stuart Rae all recording two wins apiece could get the better of Ansh Shah, who after some very long ends came away with his 2nd hat trick of the season. Pedlar and Stuart Rae adding the doubles win in three ends.

Higham Band B 6 v Westfield D 4

Band B had a good win against Westfield D, one of the contenders for the top spot. Deirdre Kiziak recording her 3rd hat trick was ably supported by Devlin Whitmore with two wins, as he lost out to Amrat Mistry 6-11 in the 4th end. All three Westfield players took a point from John Yeates, although he didn’t go down without a struggle. Band B gained the final point to win the match with a fine double win,11-3, 16-14, 11-5.

Old Grammarians B 8 v Wanderers E 2

With this 8-2 victory over Wanderers E, Old Grammarians B are only 2 points behind the leaders. Wanderers E are in 7th place so far, and this shows the strength of the Division, as they would normally be in the top 3, as in previous years. David Bayes was unbeaten for the third time this season, but all his opponents gave him a hard time. Roger Fleming and Martin Rice won twice, Derek shears taking a single from Fleming and David May taking his well-earned point from Rice, 12-10, 4-11, 6-11, 11-9, 11-8. Rice and Bayes added the doubles in 3 ends to increase the score-line.

Chesterwell D 0 v Higham Harriers C 10

Although fielding a full side, seeing the return of David Carrigan to the ranks, Chesterwell D, who have been under-manned for the last five weeks could still not gain any points. The Hick’s family went through the card to win their 3rd match. Chesterwell D are yet to win a match but always give a good effort and I am sure it will only be a matter of time before they are successful.

Division 1

St John B 2 (Mike Terry, doubles Terry/Mansfield)

St John A 8 (Jon Perkins 3, Pete Boustred 2, Grant Timms 3)

Wanderers A 9 (Tony Wharton 2, Andy Law 2, Jon Taylor-Burt, doubles Wharton/Law + 3 points by default)

St John B 1 (David Hatherall)

St John A 4 (Richard Wills, Grant Timms 3)

Chesterwell A 6 (Valdy Papiernik, Stan Galkowski 2, Mike Pond 2, doubles Papiernik/Pond)


Division 2

Higham Harriers B 3 (Mick Malins, Phil Inman 2)

Higham Band A 7 (Pete Martin 2, Keith Stockley 2, Perce Sharp 2, doubles Stockley/Martin)  

Chesterwell B 4 (Maxine Shears, Luke Hughes)

Old Grammarians A 6 (Phil Laurence, Mick Ball 2, Martyn Reeves 2, doubles Ball/Reeves)

Westfield C 1 (Stuart Jones)

WDHA Superkings B 9 (Dev Patel 2, Tarun Mistry 3, Himanshu Ganatra 3, doubles Mistry/Ganatra)

Stanwick VHTTC 6 (Ian Baldock 3, Geoff Neville, Kevin Tivey, doubles Baldock/Neville)

Chesterwell C 4 (Johnathan Driscoll 2, Daniel Mann 2)


Division 3

Chesterwell D 0

Wanderers D 10 (Roger Ellingham 2, Graham Babbage 2, Mike Howorth 2, doubles Ellingham/Babbage + 3 points by default)

Westfield E (Ashley Pedlar 2, Iain Rae 2, Stuart Rae, doubles Pedlar/S Rae)

WDHA Rising Stars 3 (Ansh Sha 3)

Higham Band B 6 (Devlin Whitmore 2, Deirdre Kiziak 3, doubles Whitmore/Kiziak)

Westfield D 4 (Stuart Holroyd, Asish Nandi, Amrat Mistry 2)

Old Grammarians B 8 (Martin Rice 3, David Bayes 3, Roger Fleming, doubles Rice/Bayes)

Wanderers E 2 (David May, Derek Shears)

Chesterwell D 0

Higham Harriers C 10 (Oli Hicks 3, Matt Hicks 3, Kate Hicks 3, doubles Oli/Matt Hicks).

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