Thrapston A 9 v Higham Harriers A 1

The visitors need to field full strength sides if they are to avoid one of the 2 relegation spots. Graham Bird opened with a 1-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-8 win over Alan Tyler but failed to add to his score, being well beaten by Ian Donaldson and somewhat unlucky in a 9111, 11-9, 9-11, 20-22 defeat by Chris Warliker. Martyn ReevesWithout a win to date took both Tyler and Warliker to five and Mick Malins similarly with Tyler but the return of Norman Wooster and Ian Bird is urgently required to make them a top division outfit.

Wanderers A 8 v Chesterwell A 2

With Westfield fielding sides of variable strength, Chesterwell A, until this game must have fancied their chances. Tony Wharton and Andy Law who had not been at their best this season, both gave excellent displays to earn magnificent trebles. Law won out 11-8, 11-7, 13-11 over Mike Pond and taken to five by Valdy Papiernik, crushed him 11-7 in the 5th and Stan Galkowski also went down in five, 5-11, 11-9, 11-6, 6-11, 6-11. Tony Wharton in his best display for years, only dropped one leg in his treble, against Galkowski. Jon Taylor-Burt couldn’t match his colleagues but took Pond to 5 and saw off Papiernik 10-12, 11-9, 12-10, 11-9. The 8th point in a startling victory was gained in a nail-biting doubles, Law and Wharton winning out 4-11, 9-11, 12-10, 12-10, 14-12 over Galkowski and Pond.

Westfield A 8 v Old Grammarians A 2

An 8-2 defeat has become almost a banker for the visitors as 5 of their 8 fixtures finishing with that score and in every case the 2 points gained by the persevering Steve Kendall. He saw off Stephen Woolston and Travis Holly with reasonable ease, but went down 11-9, 11-9, 111-13, 7-11, 3-11 to Patryk Polanski, which was followed by a five set doubles win 7-11, 11-7, 5-11, 11-1, 11-6 by Holly and Polanski over Phil Laurence and Kendall.

WDHA Royals 10 v Thrapston 0

In the second sensational result of the week, the Royals completely annihilated the experiences Thrapston trio with only one game going to five, Abin Islam winning out 6-11, 11-8, 11-9, 5-11, 11-9 over Ian Donaldson. Virat Patel and Ethan Ali were untroubled in seeing off Alan Tyler and Chris Warliker. The only blemish on an outstanding performance was dating the score-card November instead of December, but perhaps no-one can be perfect. 


Higham Harriers B 2 v Westfield B 8

Charlie Clements’ 6th treble of the season helped to extend Westfield’s’ lead at the top of the table and he received good support with 2 wins apiece for Leigh Clements and Evie Elliott who was making her first appearance of the season. Phil Inman and Bob Collyer both scored single wins for the home team and finally Charlie and Evie took the doubles in 5 ends to secure a good 8-2 victory for the visitors.

Wanderers C 4 v Chesterwell C 6

Chesterwell secured their 4th victory in a row to continue their steady progress up the league table and they now sit in 4th place with a game in hand on all their rivals. Maxine Shears was the only unbeaten player on the night but as her team-mates Clare and Stuart Coles could only manage one win apiece, she had to team up with Stuart to take the doubles in 4 ends to decide a very close match. James Findlay played very well for the home team, beating 2 of the Wanderers players and a win apiece from Tony Wallis and Carl Singh ensured the match result was in the balance until the doubles. The match score leaves the Wanderers hanging on to 3rd place in the league.

Old Grammarians B 4 v Wanderers D 6

This contest between the league’s bottom 2 teams was a predictably close affair with Roger Ellingham making the difference with a superb treble for the visitors, only losing one end in his 3 encounters. Supported with single wins for Graham Babbage and Mike Howorth, Ellingham then joined Babbage to take the doubles 11-8 in the final end to secure the victory. Fighting doubles from the home team’s Colin Lord and Martin Rice kept the match result on a knife edge and it was a shame there had to be a loser on the night.

Westfield C 3 v St John B 7

St. John’s 6th victory of the season sees them hang on to 2nd place in the league and just keep their noses in front of the 3 teams in close pursuit. Mike Terry scored a great treble for the away team without conceding a single end and received solid support with two wins from Steve Mansfield and one from David Hatherall. Mark Ramsden put up most resistance for Westfield with a well-earned double and Steve Fuller chipped in with a single win to keep the score respectable. Terry and Mansfield finally took the doubles for the visitors to seal a good night’s work. 


WDHA Challengers 2 v Higham Band B 8

Although only gaining 2 points, Challengers put up a good fight against mid-table Higham Band B. Devlin Whitmore and Stuart Futrill both gained hat tricks bot lost ends and came close to losing them all to their three opponents. Neil Thompson added a single point to the tally with his win over Ansh Shah, but lost out to Hubert Malenda and Daniel Bain in five. Thompson and Whitmore made sure of the doubles point winning in three ends against Shah and Malenda.

Chesterwell E 0 v Wanderers E 10

No surprises in this match for 2nd placed Wanderers E as they went through the card without losing an end against lowly Chesterwell E. Although Wanderers are 10 points behind the leaders, they have a match advantage. Dave May recording his 6th hat trick, Derek Shears his 5th and a 3rd for Steve Hoole.


Higham Harriers C 6 v Westfield E 4

Harriers C increase their lead over their nearest opponents Westfield E in this mid table clash. Oli Hicks secured his 4th hat trick of the season and was the only unbeaten player on the night. Stuart Rae for Westfield, came close, bowing out 6-11 in the 5th end. Katie Hicks supported her brother well gaining two wins, losing out to Rae 7-11, 10-12, 17-15, 11-9, 3-11 with Jamie Laughton coming away empty handed, Wendy Bradford and Nicole King picking up the spoils. Westfield needed the doubles to equalize but came unstuck, losing 5-11 in the fourth end.

Stanwick VHTTC 7 v Westfield D 3

Stanwick change places with their opponents this week but need to up their game in the second half to fight for the runners-up spot. Geoff Neville was again unbeaten and has yet to lose a point, winning his 5th hat trick. Kevin Tivey supported well with two wins, losing out to Westfield’s Amrat Mistry 9-11 in the 5th. Al Hayes won a point against Stuart Rae, who played up from the E side, 11-9, 8-11, 9-11, 11-7, 14-12 and Stanwick added the final point of the evening in a close fought doubles contest 10-12, 11-5, 11-13, 11-8, 12-10.


Division 1

Thrapston A 9 (Alan Tyler 2, Ian Donaldson 3, Chris Warliker 3, doubles Donaldson/Warliker)

Higham Harriers A 1 (Graham Bird)

Wanderers A 8 (Tony Wharton 3, Andy Law 3, Jon Taylor-Burt, doubles Wharton/Law)

Chesterwell A 2 (Mike Pond, Stan Galkowski)

Westfield A 8 (Stephen Woolston 2, Travis Holly 2, Patryk Polanski 3, doubles Holly/Polanski)

Old Grammarians A 2 (Steve Kendall)

WDHA Royals A 10 (Ethan Ali 3, Abin Islam 3, Virat Patel 3, doubles Patel/Ali)

Thrapston 0:


Division 2

Higham Harriers B 2 (Phil Inman, Bob Collyer)

Westfield B 8 (Charlie Clements 3, Leigh Clements 2, Evie Elliott 2, doubles Clements/Elliott)

Wanderers C 4 (James Findlay 2, Tony Wallis, Carl Singh)

Chesterwell C 6 (Maxine Shears 3, Clare Coles, Stuart Coles, doubles Shears/Coles)

Old Grammarians B 4 (Colin Lord 2, Martin Rice 2)

Wanderers D 6 (Roger Ellingham 3, Graham Babbage, Mike Howes, doubles Ellingham/Babbage)

Westfield C 3 (Mark Ramsden 2, Steve Fuller)

St John B 7 (Mike Terry 3, David Hatherall, Steve Mansfield 2, doubles Terry/Mansfield)


Division 3

WDHA Challengers C 2 (Hubert Malenda, Daniel Bain)

Higham Band B 8 (Devlin Whitmore 3, Neil Thompson, Stuart Futrill 3, doubles Whitmore/Thompson)

Chesterwell E 0

Wanderers E 10 (David May 3, Derek Shears 3, Steve Hoole 3, doubles May/Shears)

Higham Harriers C 6 (Oli Hicks 3, Katie Hicks 2, doubles Hicks/Hicks)

Westfield E 4 (Stuart Rae 2, Wendy Bradford, Nicole King)

Stanwick VHTTC 7 (Geoff Neville 3, Kevin Tivey 3, Al Hayes, doubles Neville/Tivey)

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