Division One

Chesterwell A 9 v Thrapston 1

Over the years Chesterwell A has always been a fixture to fear for the visitors regardless of the side fielded. On paper, this was the strongest side fielded by Thrapston but it made no difference as the hosts steamrollered to a 9-1 victory. Chris Warliker avoided the whitewash with a 9-11, 11-8, 11-9, 5-11, 11-6 win over Mike Pond and the only other game to cause the hosts any bother was game 6, where Stan Galkowski won out 11-3, 4-11, 8-11, 141-2, 11-6 over Pete Briggs. Mark Stockley formerly one of the League’s top players has now had 3 outings without registering and Thrapston after showing signs of promise early season look extremely likely to be bottom markers.

Wanderers B 5 v Westfield A 5

Despite having 3 Wanderers sides below them, the hosts surprisingly fielded only 2 players. For the visitors Stephen Woolston still has a liking for shock results and in the opener saw off Mike Terry 11-8, 8-11, 10-12, 11-9 but was comfortably beaten by Paul Goodman. Goodman was unlucky not to gain a treble, going down 8-11 to Travis Holly in the fifth, after doing the reverse against Mark Thomas. Giving 3 points away by default they gained yet another draw with Terry and Goodman gaining an excellent 11-2, 13-11, 11-4 doubles win over Woolston and Holly.

WDHA Royals A 8 v Wanderers B 2

Although returning to the top of the table, the chances of winning the title with only 1 match to play are virtually non-existent. Mike Hawes gained his 3rd treble in a row but was taken to the wire by Mike Terry who lost out 8-11 in the 5th. In a good performance which looked likely to be unrewarded, he also went down in five to Abin Islam but gained a deserved reward in game 8 winning out 11-8, 12-10, 11-9 against Shyam Bavalia. The visitors other leg was gained by Jon Taylor-Burt in a 8-11, 11-8, 11-2, 7-11, 11-7 win over Islam. Bob Hickson with only 3 wins to his credit failed to register and the difference between Divisions 1 and 2 was clearly illustrated as last season he was runner-up in Division 2 Top 8 Averages Competition.

 Division Two 

Old Grammarians A 4 v Higham Band A 6

The O.G.s were probably expecting a comfortable victory against the Band Club who sat 3 places below them in the league but an outstanding maximum from Band's Ian Sclater put paid to all that.  A fighting double from Nigel Magee and a single win from Steve Mansfield made up the Band's 6 points which secured their unexpected victory.  2 wins from Martyn Reeves and a single from Mick Ball kept the O.G.s in the hunt and the pair of them later gained their team's 4th. point with a straight sets doubles victory against Sclater & Mansfield. 

Wanderers C 0 v Chesterwell B 10

2nd placed Chesterwell B keep up the pressure on Stanwick with their own full house, this time at the expense of Wanderers C.  Great maximums all round for Johnathon Driscoll, Daniel Mann and Luke Hughes with Hughes being in particularly frugal form, only conceding 40 points in his 9 singles games.  Wanderers' captain Tony Wallis put up brave resistance for the hosts in taking an end off both Driscoll and Mann but that was as good as it got.  Hughes & Mann gained their team's 10th. point with a straight sets doubles victory over Wallis & Carl Singh.

Chesterwell C 0 v Stanwick VHTTC 10

Another clean sweep for league leaders Stanwick sees them within sight of the winning post and this week it was Chesterwell C's turn to be on the receiving end.  Ian Baldock and Graham Taylor once again dished out unanswered maximums but Geoff Neville had to work much harder for his, firstly dropping a set to Clare Coles and then after building up a 11-5, 11-5, 10-2 lead over Maxine Shears, somehow managed to lose the 3rd. and 4th. sets before stumbling over the line with a 11-9 score in the decider.  Finally, Baldock & Taylor maintained their unbeaten record in the doubles with a 11-5, 11-4, 11-2 verdict over Coles & Keith Taylor.


Division Three

Westfield D 3 v Higham Band B 7

With only one match to go, Band cannot improve on their situation, but came away this week with a good win over a team where they drew last time. Raylee Burton (playing her second match this season), Deirdre Kiziak, and David Carrigan all won two sets each, all of them losing to Roy Smyth.That was Westfields only points although Stuart Rae  was unlucky not to pick up any points. He took both Burton and Kiziak to 5 ends, and lost to Carrigan 10-12 in the 4th end. Burton and Kiziak took the final point in three ends.

WDHA Rising Stars D 0 v Old Grammarians C 10

Old Gramms C are desperately trying to hold onto their 2nd spot position and took all available point this week against a struggling Rising Stars team. Only Pranav Sathya won one end off Roger Fleming all other ends went to the visitors with hat tricks for Dave Hatherall, Alan Hill and Roger Fleming and to conclude with a 3 ender doubles win.

WDHA Raj Riders 6 v Chesterwell D 4

Chesterwell D was always going to struggle this week having only two players, giving Riders a 3 points start. Having said that both Paresh Shah and Amit Shah played well and capitalized on the situation. Amit after 5 ends beat Caspian Wagner and then Duncan Wright 11-7, 12-10, 11-13, and 11-5. Paresh overcame Wright in 4 ends, but lost to Wagner in 4 ends. Aum Lakhani failed to score giving Chesterwell some welcome points. The doubles went to Chesterwell after a close 5 ender improving their tally.

WDHA Challengers C 7 v Westfield C 3

A rearranged match with the same score-line as last time saw Challengers again victorious. Hubert Malenda was unstoppable winning his 12 hat trick of the season, Asish Nandi came close though, bowing out 7-11 in the 5th end. Jiten Gopal playing up again for the 2nd week won twice, losing to Stuart Holroyd. All Westfield players won 1 point each the doubles concluded after 5 ends in Challengers favour.

Wanderers E 2 v Old Grammarians B 8

Old Gramms B are still in contention for 2nd place, just 3 points behind their club mates and still have a game in hand. They improved their  score from last encounter mainly due to Paul Lipczak, playing his third match this season, for this side, and hitting a fine hat trick. Martin Rice won twice, losing to David May 5-11 in the 5th end. David Bayes also scored twice, but his victor was Derek Shears, who took him in 3 ends. Rice and Bayes won the doubles in 4 ends.


Division 1

Chesterwell A 9 (Valdy Papiernik 3, Mike Pond 2, Stan Galkowski 3, doubles Pond/Papiernik)

Thrapston 1 (Chris Warliker)

Wanderers B 5 (Mike Terry 2, Paul Goodman 2, doubles Terry/Goodman)

Westfield A 5 (Stephen Woolston, Travis Holly + 3 points by default)

WDHA Royals A 8 (Mike Hawes 3, Abin Islam 2, Shyam Bavalia 2, doubles Islam/Hawes)

Wanderers B 2 (Mike Terry, Jon Taylor-Burt)


Division 2

Old Grammarians A 4 (Mick Ball, Martyn Reeves 2, doubles Ball/Reeves)

Higham Band A 6 (Ian Sclater 3, Steve Mansfield, Nigel Magee 2)

Wanderers C 0

Chesterwell B 10 (Johnathon Driscoll 3, Daniel Mann 3, Luke Hughes 3, doubles Mann/Hughes)

Chesterwell C 0

Stanwick VHTTC 10 (Ian Baldock 3, Graham Taylor 3, Geoff Neville 3, doubles Baldock/Taylor)


Division 3

Westfield D 3 (Roy Smyth)

Higham Band B 7 (Raylee Burton 2, Deirdre Kiziak 2, David Carrigan 2, doubles Burton/Kiziak)

WDHA Rising Stars D 0

Old Grammarians C 10 (David Hatherall 3, Alan Hill 3, Roger Fleming 3, doubles Hatherall/Fleming)

WDHA Raj Riders 6 (Paresh Shah, Amit Shah 2 + 3 points by default)

Chesterwell D 4 (Caspian Wagner 2, Duncan Wright, doubles Wagner/Wright)

WDHA Challengers C 7 (Kavish Dodhia, Hubert Malenda 3, Jiten Patel 2, doubles Dodhia/Malenda)

Westfield C 3 (Jay Rogers, Asish Nandi, Stuart Holroyd)

Wanderers E 2 (David May, Derek Shears)

Old Grammarians B 8 (David Bayes 2, Martin Rice 2, Paul Lipczak 3, doubles Bayes/Rice)


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