The 2017-18 season got underway this week, unfortunately there were a couple of postponements due to player availability and venue problems which were unavoidable. With the loss of one team taking our total down to 29 teams although the number of players remains steady, with some new players making their debut in the Wellingborough and District Table Tennis League to replace those who have moved on.

We send our best wishes to the Chairman, Ken Marchant, and Treasurer, Doreen Waples, who are both slowly recovering from lengthy hospital stays over the closed season.


Westfield A 8 v Chesterwell A 2

Starting their campaign as they left off, Division 1 title holders Westfield A opened their season with a 8-2 win over third placed Chesterwell A. Kevin Bird winning all three of his sets without losing an end, was ably assisted by Patryk Polanski and Travis Holly both scoring two points, losing out to Chesterwells’  Valdy Papiernik in five. Papiernik was the only point scorer for the visitors, Mike Pond and Stan Galkowski coming away pointless.  

Wanderers A 8 v Thrapston 2

Tony Wharton back in form saw off the challenge of Thrapston’s trio to secure a well-earned hat trick, with only one of his games going the full distance (11-9, 11-6, 9-11, 9-11, 11-6) against Chris Warliker. Andy Law and Jon Taylor-Burt added two wins apiece to the tally, losing out to Warliker in 4 ends, but making light of their games against Steve West and Alan Tyler. Wharton and Law added the doubles to seal the game against Tyler and West (11-3, 11-6, 11-5).


Westfield C 5 v Chesterwell C 5

This match finished all square with Chesterwell’s Daniel Mann being the only unbeaten player on the night, his team-mate Lee Hughes contributing his team’s other 2 points. Tim Mason scored a good double for the home side with Mark Holly and Piotr Polanski adding a single win apiece and finally Mason teamed up with Polanski to secure the draw with a 12-10 victory in the 5th set of the doubles. 

Higham Harriers B 3 v Stanwick VHTTC 7

Stanwick marked their debut in div. 2 with a fine 7-3 victory against the Harriers with Ian Baldock and Geoff Neville both recording maximums for the visitors. Mick Malins, Neil Stevens and Bob Collyer all scored single wins against Stanwick’s Al Hayes who was unlucky to remain pointless after taking 2 of the Harrier’s players to a deciding 5th set. Baldock and Neville wrapped up the match with a straight sets victory in the doubles                        

WDHA Superkings 3 v Old Grammarians A 7                                                                             

The O.G.s showed their desire to get straight back into div. 1 with a good 7-3 victory over the Superkings. Mick Ball scored a fine treble for the visitors and was well supported with 2 wins from new team member Martyn Reeves and a single win from Phil Laurence. Himanshu Ganatra, Tarun Mistry and Dev Patel all recorded single wins for the home team before Ball and Reeves paired up to take the doubles for the visitors in straight sets.

Wanderers C 8 v Higham Band A 2

The Wanderers recorded the division’s best result of the week with an excellent 8-2 victory over Higham Band. James Findlay led the way with a great maximum and received good support with 2 wins apiece from Tony Wallis and Carl Singh. Nigel Magee put up brave resistance for the visitors with a fighting double before Findlay and Singh combined to take the doubles for the Wanderers, securing their 8-2 win.


Old Grammarians B 9 v Higham Band B 1

Relegated Old Gramms B showed their metal by producing a rare 9-1 score line for their side, with hat tricks for Martin Rice and Roger Fleming, who teamed up to add the doubles in three ends. There were however some close moments with Fleming coming through after three 5th end deciders against all Band’ players. Deirdre Kiziak winning the only point for Higham with an easy victory against Adrian Howes.

WDHA Challengers C 8 v Wanderers E 2

A shock result for last season’s 3rd paced side, Wanderers E, with the ever improving young players from WDHA Challengers coming home for this good victory, There were some extremely long sets to make this an exciting match, Manav Pandya winning (7-11, 8-11, 21-19, 11-6, 12-10) over Derek Shears, it has been some time since we last saw a 21 point end. Kishan Mistry losing out to David May (13-11, 11-8, 3-11, 10-12, 15-17) with the Challengers taking the final point in another close 5 end set.

WDHA Rising Stars D 4 v Higham Harriers C 6

A close result for WDHA’s lower side, aptly named ‘Rising Stars’ which saw the only unbeaten player Ansh Sha shine through after some long sets against both Matt Hicks (11-6, 11-9, 9-11, 10-12, 11-9) and brother Oli also giving him a run for his money. Oli and Matt both went on to gain 2 wins each, and with a single from sister Katie, they paired up to add the all-important win in the doubles (15-13, 8-11, 11-9, 11-6) to take the match.

Westfield E 4 v Westfield D 6

An in-house fixture saw the higher ‘D’ side scrape through. Amrat Mistry scored the only hat trick without losing an end, Asish Nandi supported well with two points, losing out to the E side’s Ashley Pedlar (11-6, 9-11, 11-9, 5-11, 8-11. Pedlar who also defeated Stuart Holroyd teamed up with Stuart Rae winning once to add secure the doubles to make their score a little more acceptable.


Division 1


Wanderers A 8 (Tony Wharton 3, Andy Law 2, Jon Taylor-Burt 2, doubles Wharton/Law)

Thrapston 2 (Chris Warliker 2);

Westfield A 8 (Patryk Polanski 2, Kevin Bird 3, Travis Holly 2, doubles Bird/Holly)

Chesterwell A 2 (Valdy Papiernik 2)


Division 2


Westfield C 5 (Mark Holly, Piotr Polanski, Tim Mason 2, doubles Polanski/Mason)

Chesterwell C 5 (Daniel Mann 3, Lee Hughes 2);

Higham Harriers B 3 (Mick Malins, Neil Stevens, Bob Collyer)

Stanwick VHTTC 7 (Ian Baldock 3, Geoff Neville 3, doubles Baldock/Neville);

WDHA Superkings 3 (Himanshu Ganatra, Tarun Mistry, Dev Patel)

Old Grammarians A 7 (Phil Laurence, Mick Ball 3, Martyn Reeves 2, doubles Ball/Reeves);

Wanderers C 8 (Tony Wallis 2, James Findlay 3, Carl Singh 2, doubles Findlay/Singh)

Higham Band A 2 (Nigel Magee 2)


Division 3


Old Grammarians B 9 (Martin Rice 3, Roger Fleming 3, Adrian Howes 2, doubles Rice/Fleming) 

Higham Band B 1 (Deirdre Kiziak);

WDHA Challengers 8 (Manav Pandya 3, Hubert Malenda 2, Kishan Mistry 2, doubles Pandya/Mistry)

Wanderers E 2 (Dave May, Steve Hoole);

WDHA Rising Stars 4 (Ansh Shah 3, Kavish Dhodia)

Higham Harriers C 6 (Oliver Hicks 2, Matthew Hicks 2, Katie Hicks, doubles Hicks/Hicks);

Westfield E 4 (Ashley Pedlar 2, Stuart Rae, doubles Pedlar/Rae)

Westfield D 6 (Stuart Holroyd, Amrat Mistry 3, Asish Nandi 2)

WDHA Superkings 3 v Old Grammarians A 7
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