The purpose of the Wellingborough & District Table Tennis League (hereinafter to be known as the    

‘League’) and the intent of the following  rules shall be to:

(b)    Run competitive events in an orderly way between member clubs under ‘Table Tennis England’ rules.

(c)     Promote the interests and reputation of Table Tennis in every possible way in the League.

(d)    Membership shall be open to all clubs having suitable playing premises within a radius of 15 miles of  Wellingborough subject to places being available in a suitable division.

(e)     Individuals may apply for direct membership of The League.

(f)     The League shall, where possible, consist of divisions of not more than twelve teams.


The Registration/entry form, together with the entrance/player registration fees, must be returned to the Registration Secretary by 31st July.

(a)     The fees shall be determined by the ‘A.G.M.’ there shall be no player registration fee for up to four     per team, but a fee will be levied for each additional registration.

(b)    All members will be affiliated to the ‘N.C.T.T.A’ and ‘Table Tennis England. Such affiliation shall be  from the date of acceptance into the League, and shall continue until the closing date for team entries for the following season.


(a)     Only registered players may play in matches or tournaments.

(b)    A player may not be registered to play for more than one club.

(c)     Transfers. Application for transfer may be made up to the 31st January and sent to the Registration      Secretary accompanied by a letter of consent from the players’ present Club and a revised ranking list for  the players’ new Club. The player must not play for the new Club until permission has been obtained.

(d)    A Club wishing to register a new player after the initial registration and entry, must do so in writing to the Registration  Secretary with the registration fee, valid Table Tennis England Individual Membership number and with a revised Club ranking list. Additional registrations after 31st January will only be  accepted with the Management Committee’s approval. The Management Committee may refuse a  player registration if judged to be applying for a team place significantly below his/her standard.


(a)     Clubs having more than one team in membership of the League must register their players separately for each team.

(b)    Any player playing more than four times higher than the team in which he/she is registered, excluding Challenge Trophy matches will not be eligible to play for the lower team again.

(c)     Players may not play for a team lower than the one for which they are registered.

(d)    The Management Committee shall review all rankings and is empowered to make alterations if              anomalies exist.

(e)    Ranking downwards may only be done with the permission of the Management Committee.   Application to do this must be made to the Registration Secretary and permission received, before the player plays for his/her new team. 


These will be decided by the number of points obtained. In the event of the teams having equal points, league positions shall be governed primarily by the number of matches won and secondly by the number of matches drawn. If at the end of the season all three items are tied and the relegation or Division honours are concerned, positions will be determined by a play-off in a match consisting of nine single games only.



(a)   This will be on a two up, two down basis, at the discretion of the Management Committee.

(b)    The Management Committee alone shall decide all matters relating to promotion and relegation within the divisions and the formation of each division.


(a)     Trophies, to be held for one year, will be presented to winning teams and runners-up, who must return them by March 1st to the Secretary of the Division to which the trophies belong.  Tournament trophies must be returned to the League Chairman. Failure to comply will result  a fine to the holder of not less than £10 being imposed.

(b)    Individuals will be presented with miniature trophies for retention.

(c)   The engraving of trophies is the responsibility of the League Committee ONLY.

(d)    Merit Awards. These will be awarded to the player with the best percentage in each division providing he/she has played at least 75% of his/her team's matches,


(a)     The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the period May to August. At the A.G.M. each Club shall have one vote for each of its teams playing in the League the previous season, but no person may exercise more than one vote. Members of the Management Committee who do not  carry a Club vote also carry one vote each. The Chairman, where necessary, shall have the casting vote. At least seven days’ notice of the A.G.M. or a Special General Meeting shall be given to all Clubs, who MUST be represented.

(b)   A General Meeting may be called any time if a request sponsored by 25% of Clubs in the League is made to the Management Committee.

(c)     All Clubs must send at least one representative to such meetings. Failure to attend, Club will be fined a minimum of £10.

(d)   Alterations to the Rules may only be made at the Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting convened for the purpose.

(e)    Any Club wanting to submit proposals for altering the League Rules must do so at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting. The League Secretary must then forward the proposals to all Club Secretaries at least seven days before the meeting.


(a)     The Management Committee will consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer, Registration Secretary, Challenge Trophy Secretary, N.C.T.T.A. Representative, and such Divisional Secretaries as the Management Committee may decide as necessary.

(b)    Divisional Secretaries will be appointed by the Management Committee and all other offices together with a Hon. Auditor will be appointed by the A.G.M.

(c)   The Quorum necessary for a Management Committee Meeting shall be five. Where a motion put to a vote results in an equal number, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

(d)    The Management Committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancies in the list of officers subsequent to the Annual General Meeting as may be necessary.

(e)    Any discussions at the Management committee meetings are to remain confidential before they are minuted.


(a)     The Management Committee may fine and, for serious offences, suspend players, teams, clubs, or officials, for violation of these rules.

(b)   Serious cases of misconduct should be reported to the Management Committee via the Divisional Secretary for consideration and possible action.

(c)    Fines will be automatically doubled if they are not paid within fourteen days of notification, unless an appeal has been made.

(d)    When any clubs are in dispute with one another, each Club will be invited to send a representative to a Management Committee Meeting, where the dispute will be resolved


(a)     A Club or individual may appeal against any action or lack of action taken by the Management Committee, in the case of disciplinary action, such an appeal must be made within seven days of being notified of the decision. All appeals must be made in writing to the League Secretary, and must  be accompanied by a fee of £20, which will be returned (whatever the outcome), if the Management Committee consider the appeal to be justified.

(b)   If an appeal is correctly lodged then details concerning the appeal will only be available to the public, when a final decision is reached by the Management Committee.

(c)   Further appeals may be made in the first instance to the N.C.T.T.A and then to Table Tennis England.


(a)     All monies pertaining to the League shall be paid into a bank in the name of the “Welling borough & District Table Tennis League". The signatures of the Treasurer and League Secretary, or Treasurer and one other nominated officer shall be necessary before a withdrawal is affected. The Bank Pass Book or statement shall be placed before the Management Committee at each meeting.


(b)    In the event of the League becoming defunct, all income and property of the League shall be made up, together with  a Statement of Accounts applied solely to the stated object of the League, shall be handed          over to Table Tennis England.



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