Table Tennis at Whitefriars School

The ‘Saturday session’; the Wembley & Harrow TTL’s very own foundation for progression of the future’s stars. I have been a part of this institute for almost a decade now and from Harrow Leisure Centre to Whitefriars School, week in week out, I’ve never been disappointed with the huge variety of young players coming along desperate to learn and develop their game! 

Today the session received t-shirts on behalf of the league’s new sponsor: Persimmon. This would’ve never been possible without all the hard work of the coaches throughout the years- those now with and without us. 

Huge thank you to John Macgregor, Radovan Zivkovic, Saumeet Shah and Tony Shapps. your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

I am proud to be a part of this on-going development!

p.s. Head coach Radovan couldn’t make it today- apparently he couldn’t decide which blade was best for the occasion.

Carl O'Connor


The number of tables now at Whitefriars has been increased to 12, (8 new and 4 preloved) we are in the process of sorting out additional nets but come the new year, even if 3 matches need to split onto an additional table at 9pm there will still be a minimum of 6 tables for players paying to practice on both Mondays and Thursdays from 7.30pm to 10pm. So please spread the word, and bring your friends. Everyone is welcome and it's still £6 per player per session.

Under-16s are welcome also on Saturday mornings at the coaching sessions run by Radovan Zivkovic - they start at 10.00am for two hours and again the cost is £6 per player.


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