Advice on how to Enter Results to 365

Log onto the W&H website then click on this link which you can save as a bookmark 

alternatively click on the icon (little person) next to your name in the top right hand corner, hover over "Jump to", and click on "Wembley & Harrow"

Outstanding matches will appear an hour before the start time of the match, and remain until the home team submit's the card. Start by entering players names for each team. When entering the scores, if it's 9-11 you tap in the 9 and the 11 will enter automatically. This applies for scores 11-0 to 12-10. Once the game score exceeds 11-11, BOTH scores IE 15-13 need to be keyed in separately. Continue with all 9 sets ensuring that the result on 365 agrees with the result on the card, The card then needs to be verified by the away team. 

 Ideally the away captain with approve the card at which time the result will be published.


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