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Dear members

The club is scheduled to reopen the on Monday 7th September (invitees only) and on Club night Friday 11th September 2020, 7.00 pm, subject to any changes between.

We plan the following which is in line with Table Tennis England recommendations, Social distancing and hygiene practice

1. entrance only by the usual door and exit only by the green door further along the hall.

2.  a maximum of 6 tables each evening i.e. 12 players each session (2 bubbles of 6).

3. because of the way we organise the sessions it is anticipated current players will remain in their current session but we may have to move some up depending on numbers returning.  No player can turn up without prior permission/agreement. Players will be allocated to "tables/bubbles".

4. no cash will be taken - players will be required to pay in advance by bank transfer for the forthcoming term.

5. tables will require wiping down at the end of each session by the players leaving the table they are playing on; therefore sessions will last 50 minutes or 1 hour and 20 minutes for the second session to allow for this.  Diluted soapy water sprays and paper will be provided. 

6. players should bring their own bat, but a club bat will be "loaned" to players, and returned if and when they leave the club.

7. balls will be provided as usual, initially limited to 5 each table.

8. players are required to bring their own sanitizer for their own use in their "bubble" but club sanitizer and paper towels will be available at the entrance and exit.

9. parents who wish to remain in the hall will be required to wear face masks.  Contact details will be required by the club.  

10. tables to be wiped down before being put away at the end of each evening.

11. volunteers are required to ensure the above are carried out each session.

12. Monday evening sessions will be along the same lines.


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