EGM Called for 27th August 2014

With the opening of the new Cricket Pavilion, the Club has been offered the opportunity to be able to use the large bar/reception area in which to play our league matches, free of charge for the first year, and hold some Wednesday evening sessions. This would provide a much better 'Club' environment in which to play than the Hall Annexe, and could potentially be used for other table tennis or social events. Indeed we are planning to hold the Christmas lunch party there this year.

This move would also bring the Club closer to the other West Chilt sports clubs using the Pavilion ie Cricket, Football and Croquet clubs and would be in line with the first purpose of the club, which is the organisation, promotion and development of the sport of table tennis by any means beneficial to the membership of the Club and the public.

In order to be able to take advantage of this generous offer, we propose to provide a league quality table which would need to be stored in the Pavilion and brought out when required. As a quid pro quo, it would also be available for responsible use by members of other clubs there.

So that all members have the opportunity to discuss this proposal, an Extraordinary General Meeting has been called on Wednesday 27th August for 12.30 at the Village Hall.

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