1.         Introduction

The Data Protection Act covers information about individuals which is held on computer or in a manual filing system, or which is recorded with the intention that it will be part of such systems. The Act applies to people or organisations that use or hold such personal data.

The Act is based on the right of the individual (the Data Subject) to know what information is being held about them, and how the information will be used. The Act sets out principles to ensure that personal data is:

·         processed fairly and lawfully

·         obtained only for specified purposes

·         relevant to the purposes for which it is processed

·         accurate and kept up to date

·         not kept for longer than is necessary

·         processed according to the rights of the Data Subject under the Act

·         protected against unauthorised processing, accidental loss or damage

·         not transferred to areas outside of the European Union (including via websites)

WCTTC holds personal information on its members.

WCTTC seeks to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Act.

2.         Scope of the policy

·         WCTTC will ensure that all personal data is handled properly and confidentially at all times in the lifecycle of the data, as follows
* the obtaining of personal data
* the storage and security of personal data
* the use of personal data
* the disposal/destruction of personal data

·         WCTTC members, other than designated persons in the course of their duty, do not have access to information on other members

·         When members leave all personal documents will be safely destroyed or deleted unless relating to an incident or accident that could be subject of future issue.

·         Members have the right to see the information held on them by West Chiltington Table Tennis Club..Requests should be in writing to the Club Secretary and WCTTC will provide a copy of the information within two weeks of receiving the request. No charge is made.

·         With the exception of the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA) information about individuals will not be disclosed to any third party outside of WCTTC without the permission of the individual.

·         WCTTC recognise the importance of ensuring data, in particular that relating to Junior Members, is available only on a “need to know” basis.  As part of WCTTC Child Safeguarding Policy the Club retain Parental Consent Forms that declare any illness, allergy or disability that might need medical treatment whilst the child is attending the Club, Taking of and use and storage of photographs, film, video or other images of Junior members is strictly controlled and subject to the parent completing a “Photography Consent Form”

3.         Status

·        This policy was approved by the Officers of the Club in August 2012.

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