First Report 2017-18 season

Premier Division

Reigning three time champions Bridge A get off to a good start with three wins in the Premier Division of the West Cornwall Table Tennis League, beating fellow club members Bridge B 6,4, Mylor A 10,0 and Falmouth Docks B 9,1. Will Abouelhana of Bridge A remains undefeated over the three matches, with team mates Kelly Reed and David Plumb losing two matches each. Aiden Rollason of Docks B took the only point for his team against Bridge A, beating Kelly in a 5 end battle. Malcolm Peters of Bridge B beat both Kelly and David, with his team mate Steve Lobb taking a third point.  Malcolm and Steve paired up to win the doubles 13,11 in the final end. Bridge B followed this defeat with a 10,0 white wash over People’s Palace A.

                Docks A began their season on a high with a 10,0 hammering over their C side, before comfortably beating People’s Palace A 7,3.  Kevin Fudge, Steve Hunt and Simon Jacobs all won one point each for Palace, beating the unfortunate Dominique Williams all in the fifth end.  In their first match, Palace battled with Docks C to win 6,4, with Kevin winning his three matches and Steve two.  For Docks, Jeremy Hartley and Dan Preston both won one, with Liam Chinn, returning to Table Tennis after an 8 year break, winning two.

                Docks B drew their first match in the premier division against Docks C, before losing to Mylor A 7,3.  Aiden Rollason won four over the two matches and Morgan Cardell three, with the pair teaming up to beat Docks C in the doubles to secure the draw. For Mylor, Karim Ali won all three of his matches, David White two and Harry Stanbury one. Jeremy Hartley won all three matches for Docks C, with Dan Preston and Liam Chinn winning one each.

First Division

                Peoples Palace B lead the First Division table with back to back wins over Penpol (8,2), St Ives A (7,3) and Mylor B (6,4).  Andrew Nicholson (Penpol) took the only singles point from Palace and teamed up with Andy Senior to win the doubles 11,9 in the final end, fighting back 2,0. For St Ives David Smith won two and Reuben Veal won one, and for Mylor B Chris Bassett took two points, Neil Pinkett and Howard Baker both won one.

                The 3 youngsters of Docks D hold second place in the table with a draw against experienced Mounts Bay A in their first match. Ever improving Jarvis Lee won his first 3 matches beating Nigel Cock and Rob Dyer deuce in the fifth end and Jackie Rice in 3 close ends. Dylan Tynan also beat Rob and Jackie in tight matches to ensure the draw. Docks D followed this with a 9,1 win over Penpol, with Andrew Nicholson taking the only point from Docks. Bridge D narrowly beat the Docks team 6,4. Jarvis closely lost his first match of the season to Nigel Tregenza of Bridge 12,10 in the final end. Chris Solway and Bernard Harvey of Bridge, and Josh Knight and Dylan Tynan of Docks all won one.

Bridge D took another 6,4 win over Mounts Bay A with Chris winning one, Nigel and Bernard winning two each and teaming up to win the doubles for their sixth point. Mounts Bay then beat Mylor C 8,2. Mark Cock won all six over the two matches, with father Nigel winning three out of three, and team mates Chris Rodda and Rob Dyer both winning one out of three. Father and son teamed up to win the doubles against Mylor C.

Mylor C beat St Ives A 6,4, with Chris Buckingham, Sam Sloggett and Mark Norcross winning two each, all losing to David Smith of St Ives, who paired up with Mark Burnell to take the doubles point for their team.  David continued this form winning all three matches against Penpol, beating Andrew Nicholson, Andy Senior and Adam Sparks to take the only 3 points for St Ives.  Mylor C lost to their B side 6,4 with Chris winning two and both Sam and Mark one. For the B team, Howard Baker won all three matches and Chris Bassett two with the pair winning the doubles in the fifth and final end.


Second Division

                Godolphin lead the second division table dropping just 4 points over their first three matches. Godolphin beat both Palace C and Docks F 9,1 and Mounts Bay C 8,2.  David Greenough kept his 100% average with Curry Vincent losing one to David Matthew of Palace, and Barry Dunstan losing two to Brian Johnson of Docks F and John Holman of Mounts Bay. Mounts Bay claimed their second point with John teaming up with Sue West to beat Curry and David in the doubles.

Redruth Highway occupy second place in the table after beating Cape Cornwall 7,3, Mounts Bay B 9,1 and losing to third placed Mount Ambrose 6,4. For Cape Cornwall, David May won all three points, beating George Banfield, Peter Gribble and Anthony Solway. Chris Rodda took the only point for Mounts Bay beating Peter in the fifth end. Mike Kent (Mount Ambrose) took three points from Redruth, and team mate Ian Packenas took two with the pair winning the doubles to take the win.  Mount Ambrose continued this winning form beating Cape Cornwall 8,2 and finishing their match against Docks E all square. Mike held his 100% record over the two matches, with David May taking the points from Tony Barber and Marcus Rogers for Cape Cornwall. For Docks, Dennis Williams and Ben Charity both won two and Chris Hocking one.

Docks H have had mixed results over their first matches of the season beating Cape Cornwall 8,2 and Palace C 7,3 but losing to Docks E 6,4. For Cape Cornwall, David May took the only two points, losing to Blaise Hinshelwood who won all three matches. Joe Crouse and Perry Oates both won two. In their following match, Blaise, Joe and Perry all won two matches against Palace, each losing to Pierre-Michel Doutreligne. For Docks E, points came from Dennis Williams (3), Ben Charity (2) and Chris Hocking (1).

Mylor D lost all three of their matches 6,4, to Docks F, Mounts Bay B and Mounts Bay C. Over the 3 matches, David Jenkin won five, Keith Randall three, Yuki Reed two and Nigel Reed one. Harry Rose (Docks F), Chris Rodda (Mounts Bay B) and John Holman (Mounts Bay C) starred for their teams winning all three matches. Mounts Bay C then hammered their B team 9,1 with Steve Clothier beating Peter Puddiphatt to take the only point for the B team.

Docks G have had a difficult start to the season with three defeats to Docks E (6,4), Palace C (6,4) and Docks F (8,2). John Tuffery and Dave Hatcher have both won five over the three matches to take the 10 points. For Docks E, Dennis Williams won three, with Ben Charity and Chris Hocking winning one each. Pierre-Michel Doutreligne starred for Palace winning three, with team mates Ian Marriott and Paul Lindsay winning one match each. For Docks F, both Harry Rose and Brian Johnson won all of their matches with team mate Roger Scorse winning their final singles point.

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