Handicap Cup Results


Box A     

Barn Boys            298        Wiveliscombe     330

Roys Boys            323        Gnomads            305


Box B

Hobby Horse       334        Swallows             308

Space Invaders   283        Minehead A        339


Box D

Tonys Troopers  266        Stogumber A       359

Drifters                314        Shooting Stars    359


A 126 point maximum from David Woodland helped Wiveliscombe to a 32 point victory at Barn Boys.  Steve Palmer made a gain of 10 points for Barn Boys but it wasn’t enough to save them from defeat.  Roys Boys defeated Gnomads by just 18 points thanks to personal surpluses of 21 points and 17 points for Harry Harrison and Barry Hooper. 

Second Division Hobby Horse recorded a fine 26 point win over Swallows in Box B.  Mike Lawrie and Andrew Miles made gains of 23 and 14 points respectively to secure the victory.  Both Dave Veale and Toby Kerslake managed 126 point maximums as Minehead A cruised to a 56 point win at Space Invaders in the second Box B fixture.

Stogumber A lead Box D following a 93 point success at Tonys Troopers.  Martyn Summerell and David Bryant notched surpluses of 60 points and 39 points respectively.     Cup specialist Barbara Parker kept her deficit to only 6 points to ensure Stogumber’s victory.   

Shooting Stars took the second Box D fixture by 45 points at Drifters.  Martin Shoots recorded the only maximum points tally of the match and was well supported by Geoff Williams who finished the match 15 points to the good.  Ali Lang made a personal gain of 3 points for Drifters.


M. Summerell

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