Results Week 7



Swallows                5          Wiveliscombe     36

Shooting Stars    11          Gnomads            36


Division 2

Barn Boys            30           Space Invaders   14

 Tonys Troopers  36           House Martyns   2

White Horse        27           Drifters                22


A full strength Wiveliscombe side proved too strong for the Swallows juniors at the Lawns.  Maximums for John Edbrooke, David Woodland and Paul Nutkins gave Wivi a 36 point total.  Joe Camp took 3 of Swallows points from his singles and Joseph Burt did exceptionally well to force John Edbrooke to a fourth set.

Gnomads also achieved maximum points from their visit to Shooting Stars.  Nigel Foster, George Harrow and Martin Rant all notched maximums for Gnomads.  The 11-36 score line didn’t do Shooting Stars justice as four of the 12 games were lost in the fifth set.  Geoff Williams top scored for the Stars taking 4 points from his singles.

In Division Two Barn Boys defeated league leaders Space Invaders by 30 points to 14 thanks largely to a Steve Palmer maximum.  Julie Pennington-Ridge denied Andy Fay his maximum with a 13-11 fifth set win and Margo Baker defeated Graham Lamacraft in straight sets to deny him his. 

House Martyns found the going tough against Tonys Troopers who notched up maximum points.  Ellie Baker and Jack Lancaster took a single point each for the Juniors.  Sifa Vea, Kerry Manicom and Tony Burrows all achieved maximums for Troopers.  A Colin White maximum helped White Horse to a 27-22 home win over Drifters.  Five of the twelve matches went to 5 sets in a closely fought match.  Dave Smith top scored for Drifters with 8 points from his singles.


Division One                      P             W           PTS

Basement Dwellers          4             3             125

Gnomads                           5             3             123

Wiveliscombe                    4             3             116

Swallows                            5             3             101

Stogumber A                     3             3               92

Minehead A                       5             0               83

Roys Boys                           4             0             58

Shooting Stars                   4             1              54


Division Two                      P             W           PTS

Space Invaders                  6             1            130

Tonys Troopers                 4             4             121

Drifters                               5             2             117

Mad Batters                       4             3             114

Barn Boys                           4             3            107

Hobby Horse                      4             1              81

White Horse                       2             2             59

House Martyns                  5             0             57


Martyn Summerell 

Author: via West Somerset Table Tennis League
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