Results Week 16

Vince Court recorded the only maximum of the match as Basement Dwellers defeated Gnomads 30-13.  Paul Rees and Rod Richards provided valuable support with 6 points each from their singles.  Eddie Ferris and Martin Rant won singles against Richards and Rees respectively.

Wiveliscombe remain firm favourites to retain their league title having added 34 points to their seasons tally with victory over Roys Boys.  Roy Hooper got his side off to a flying start with a 4 set win over Denis Buckingham but maximums for Paul Nutkins and John Edbrooke meant that Roys Boys were only able to add a further 3 points to their total.

Despite a Toby Kerslake maximum Minehead a lost 23-25 at Swallows.  Joe Camp took 6 singles points for Swallows with wins over Dave Veale and Don Davis.  The Juniors also took a maximum 9 points from the doubles to ensure a narrow victory.  

Another close encounter saw Shooting Stars win 24-20 at Mad Batters.  A great team performance saw John Phillips take 7 singles points and Martin Shoots and Robin Arkell 6 each to see Shooting Stars over the winning line.  Marcus Short’s maximum was not enough to save Mad Batters from defeat. 

An Andrew Burt maximum helped House Martyns to a 28-18 win over Hobby Horse.  Ellie Baker and Joseph Burt took 6 singles points each for the Juniors.  Corinne Rees top scored for Hobby Horse with six points from 2 singles wins.  

In the Junior League a Duncan Stothard maximum took Magpies to victory over Swifts.  Kyla Stothard and Curtis Beynon-Pearce put up a great perfornance for Swifts taking 3 of the 5 games to 5 sets.


Division 1

Swallows                    25      Minehead A             23

Wiveliscombe            34      Roys Boys                 6

Basement Dwellers  30      Gnomads                13

Mad Batters               20      Shooting Stars       24

Division 2

House Martyns          28      Hobby Horse          18

Junior League 

Magpies                      13      Swifts                       9


Division 1                               P        W       PTS

Basement Dwellers            12       12      386

Wiveliscombe                      10       10      349

Stogumber A                       10        9       326

Gnomads                             12        7       290

Minehead A                         14       4        247

Shooting Stars                    11       4        190

Swallows                               9        4        174

Mad Batters                        13       0        120

Roys Boys                            11       0        118

Junior League     


Magpies                               6         6        74

Hawks                                  6         5        67

Swifts                                   7         1        52

Kestrels                               5         1        32

Kites                                    6         2        29


M. Summerell

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