Results Week 5


Basement DwellersMinehead A28 - 16
Shooting StarsStogumber21 - 25
Roys BoysBarn Boys26 - 15
AllsortsSpace Invaders34 - 11

Division 1 saw Basement Dwellers winning their second match of the season to keep Shooting Stars from regaining the top spot. Mike Vickery was player of the match with his singles maximum. It was harder going for Vince Court’s bat, which also managed a maximum against strong opposition. With 7 doubles points Basement Dwellers ended with a total of 28 points. Minehead A’s opposition came from Joe Camp with 7 points and Toby Kerslake with 5. Their 4 doubles points gave them a creditable total of 16 points.

Shooting Stars entertained Stogumber, who were playing their first match of the season. For Stogumber it was a welcome return from retirement for Mervyn Hillier. Unfortunately Mervyn had suffered an ankle injury earlier in the week and this led to him having to withdraw from the match before the end of the evening. Nevertheless, Stogumber won by a narrow margin with a total of 25 points. The only maximum was scored by Marcus Short who was awarded player of the match. David Bryant was denied his maximum, scoring 8 points. Geoff Williams’ £4.50 rubbers played well and a further 5 points were added by Robin Arkell. The doubles were keenly fought with Shooting Stars ‘edging’ the result by 7 points to 5, and ‘netting’ a total of 21 points.

Division 2 saw a ‘battle of the Boys’ when Roys Boys took on Barn Boys. Roy and Barry Hooper dominated the evening by both scoring maximums. 8 doubles points meant the match ended with a total score of 26 points for Roys Boys. Congratulations to Roy on being awarded his first player of the match for over a year.  Steady resistance from Steve Palmer and Graham Lamacraft with 4 points each, and Andrew Fay with 3 singles points. An additional 4 doubles points  led to a final team total of 15 points.

Allsorts were the star team this week in division 2 as they amassed 34 points against Space invaders. Excellent scores from all players – Mike Lawrie (player of the match) and Andy Godfrey both scoring maximums, and Barbara Parker with 8 points. A further 8 points from the doubles closed out the game for Allsorts. Space invaders put up a resolute resistance, led by Jim Stiles with 5 singles points. Doubles yielded a further 4 valuable points to give Space Invaders their final score of 11 points.


Division 1

Basement Dwellers64
Shooting Stars56
Minehead A34
White Horse11


Division 2

Mad Batters90
Roys Boys79
House Martyns56
Tonys Troopers55
Space Invaders42
Barn Boys29



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