Results Week16 - Cup Week


Box A

Shooting StarsGnomads317 - 332
White HorseDrifters343 -323


Box D

WiveliscombeHouse Martyns327 - 307

This week saw the start of the handicap knockout cup competition although only three matches were played due mainly to the persistence of the seasonal [Australian] flu bug.

The handicap cup competition is a great leveller for all teams and individuals. Each player receives a personal handicap based on their match Performance in the season to date. This equalises every game so that every player should stand an equal chance of winning each game if they play to their current ability. This proved to be the case as all three matches were close affairs.

Last year’s handicap cup champions, Shooting Stars, hosted Gnomads. It was Geoff Williams’ £4.50 rubbers that managed the top score of the evening with an overall gain of 36 points. Both Martin Shoots and Robin Arkell scored well in their hard fought games bringing Shooting Star’s total points to 317. Gnomads battled throughout the match with Nigel Foster achieving the highest gain of 28 points for the visitors. When the score card was finally tallied Gnomads had managed to clinch the victory by only 15 points with a total of 332 points.

Division 1 White Horse entertained Drifters from division 2. Yet again the handicap formula seemed to be working to give another close game. Colin White managed the best gain of 13 points, with Ian Rew adding 5 and Jamie Robertson 2 points. The White Horse total score was 343 points. Despite playing in the lower division Drifters played well and it was Liz Fletcher who top scored for the visitors with a net gain of 13 points. Mike Pretty and Dave Smith played their part and took Drifters total score to 323 points. This gave the victory to White Horse by only 20 points.

The third match was a battle between experience and youth with current division 1 champions Wiveliscombe taking on the junior team of House Martyns. Paul Nutkins led the way for the home side with a gain of 27 points, closely followed by Denis Buckingham with a gain of 24 points. The overall score for Wiveliscombe was 327 points. The juniors were far from overwhelmed by their opponents and used their handicaps to their advantage. It was Jack Lancaster who gained the most points for the House Martyns with a gain of 16 points. Ellie Baker and Joe Burt both played well and added valuable points. With a grand total of 307 points for House Martyns it was Wiveliscombe that won by the narrow margin of 20 points.

With such close games so far there is everything to play for as the competition continues....

Geoff Williams - Press Officer  


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