Results Week 19 - Cup Week


Box A

Shooting Stars                    White Horse                 366 - 291
GnomadsDrifters333 -320


Box B

Allsorts                           Stogumber                      303 - 342

Box C

Tonys TroopersSpace Invaders323 - 344
Basement DwellersMad Batters368 -189

Box D

WiveliscombeRoys Boys                375 - 234

This week was the second round of the handicap knockout cup competition. 

Last year’s cup champions Shooting Stars hosted fellow division 1 team White Horse in an action packed and entertaining match. Most games were close and hard fought but Shooting Stars consistently managed to overcome their handicaps to score throughout the match. Geoff Williams’ £4.50 rubbers led the way with a gain of 37, closely followed by Martin Shoots with 31 and Robin Arkell with 7, giving a winning score of 366 points. White Horse played well and used their handicaps to best advantage. Colin White has been improving his game throughout the season and just failed to break even, making a net loss of 1 point. Despite the efforts of team mates Ian Rew and Jamie Robertson the final score for White Horse was 291 points.

Allsorts entertained Stogumber from division 1. Handicaps were vastly different between the teams and made Stogumber work hard on the evening. Despite the handicaps it was only Barbara Parker for Allsorts that made an overall gain of a modest 4 points. Mike Lawrie and Andy Godfrey scored valuable points to reach an overall team score of 303 points. There were mixed fortunes for visiting Stogumber but it was Senor Martyn Summerell that proved to be the star performer with a gain of 43 points. Marcus Short gained 9 and David Bryant scored good points to give Stogumber a winning total of 342 points.

Division 1 champions Wiveliscombe had the ‘Boys’ around when they entertained Roy’s Boys. Despite heavy handicaps all three of the home team players scoring large gains with Dennis Buckingham 39, Paul Nutkins 56 and David Woodland 46. The final winning total for Wiveliscombe was 375 points. Roy’s Boys struggled throughout the match but put up a spirited fight to end the evening with 234 points.

A very close match was played at Bishops Lydiard when Gnomads were visited by Drifters. Martin Rant top scored with a gain of 19 points with Nigel Foster gaining a further 9 to give a final team a winning total of 333 points. Drifters had gains of 6 points from Dave Smith and 4 from Liz Fletcher to give a team total of 320 points. It will come down to the final matches in this box to see who will progress to the next round.

Tony’s Troopers had a visitation from Space Invaders. Jon Kemp made a gain of 11 points for the home team, with Tony Burrows and Kerry Manicom helping Troopers’ total to 323. Space Invaders had gains of 20 from Margo Baker and 8 from Jim Stiles to rocket their score to a winning 344 points.

Basement Dwellers were home to a depleted Mad Batters team who were unable to field a compliment of players. In the games played Basement Dwellers edged ahead but the final score due to the forfeited player gave Dwellers a huge margin of 368 points to 189 points for the Batters.

Saturday saw the Veterans Handicap tournament at the Lawns. Eight competitors entered the tournament so everybody played seven matches to find the top two to contest the final. The clear leader was Vince Court. The three runners up each won the same number of games so a count-back of points was needed. Runner up was declared to be Liz Fletcher, closely followed by Martin Rant then Geoff Williams. After a long day’s play the exhausted veterans were returned to their [care] homes to recover.

Geoff Williams - Press Officer  



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