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The following information has been sent for all members to be aware of by Tom Purcell, TTE and Lancashire TTA board member:-




The current affiliation fee for Table tennis England (TTE) is £12 a year.  That equates to approximately 23p per week or 43p per week/per season.   


Many local league players ask the question “What do I get for my TTE membership?”  Until a few years ago this was difficult to identify but over the last few years the benefits available to a member of TTE have grown greatly and are now massively in excess of the £12 a year membership fee.

Membership of TTE can be broken down into two main areas;

1.       Associate Membership

2.       Player Membership


Associate membership       People involved in table tennis who do not play competitive table tennis can join TTE as an Associate Member. This includes volunteers who help in running the leagues and/or clubs, committee members and parents.  By joining TTE as an Associate Member the member is automatically entitled to free Public Liability Insurance.  The Public Liability Insurance covers legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to their property, including legal defence costs. All members are insured for Public Liability to a limit of £10million for each accident / occurrence.


Details about the Public Liability Insurance can be found at; https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/about/insurance/members-public-liability-insurance/


The Public Liability Insurance also covers affiliated local leagues and clubs and details of this cover can be found at https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/about/insurance/clubs-public-liability-insurance/


Affiliated Player members (Local League), Licensed members (Local League and TTE Tournaments) and Licensed Coaches who pay their annual membership fee to TTE are also automatically covered by the free Public Liability Insurance.  In addition these members also receive Personal Accident Insurance cover.  This insurance covers all affiliated players who are injured whilst playing table tennis in their local leagues who may require physio treatment or be unable to work because of the injury.  Details can be found at; https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/about/insurance/members-personal-accident-cover/.


The Public Liability Insurance and the Personal Accident Insurance cover is part of the £12 a year TTE membership fee.  Anyone to has taken out private insurance cover in these areas knows the very high price of such cover and the fact that TTE members can obtain this cover as part of their membership is a massive benefit.


Part of the TTE membership fee also goes towards the core cost of running TTE but this income only amounts to about 7% of the overall cost of running the organisation and TTE, like all other sporting bodies, is heavily reliant on income from Sport England.


In addition to the benefit of the insurance cover Player and Licensed members also have access to

•       Regular eNewsletters and communications

•       Eligibility for ranking and rating lists

•       Access to hundreds of discounts in our Membership Benefits Club

•       Eligible for Pride of Table Tennis Awards

•       Able to apply to Ivor Montagu Fund (for talented player support)

•       TT365 League Manager


The above facts are forwarded for your information and highlight the benefits of becoming a member of TTE.  In particular the insurance cover available for TTE members is a massive benefit.  Hopefully it will never have to be used but the insurance cover and the other benefits are available for the very small cost of the annual TTE membership.






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