Update on TT365

We have surpassed the point of minimum viability and are well on our way towards achieving our goal of 15,000 subscribers.

However, there are still leagues yet to hold their AGMs and declare their position.
We will be leaving the declaration form in place and kindly ask all leagues to declare, asap.

We already have enough support to be sure TT365 can continue and based on the consistent trend in declaration's to date, we are anticipating more leagues to confirm support, over the coming weeks. If the trend in declarations follows the one we have had to date, then the future of TT365 is looking very good indeed.


Due to the way the TTE voting system is structured, there is still work to be done by all leagues...

Each county gets a vote of equivalent size to the total number of votes of all leagues in that county. This means theoretically that a county that unanimously supports the fee reduction could have their vote completely nullified at the AGM, by the vote of one person, your National Councillor.

Despite the majority of leagues wishing to stick with TT365 and vote for the fee reduction this is by no means certain, unless you ensure your county votes accordingly.

It would be a travesty if the majority of support from leagues was in favour of the fee reduction, but a handful of individuals were able to prevent that outcome.

Now is not the time to sit back, please contact your county today and ask for their intentions.


The TT365 debate has dominated the TTE AGM discussions for next season, but there are 2 other very important votes.

One of these proposals is around voting and we urge you to look very carefully at what is being proposed.

Author: via Wigan Table Tennis League
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