Mens Doubles Winners of Wiltshire County Closed Championship

The Bill Moulding Trophy

   Date     Venue      Winners
1956-57 T Cash/A Ward
1957-58 T Cash/A Ward
1958-59 T Cash/A Ward
1959-60 A Alexander/B Bond
1960-61 F Jennings/M Perkins
1961-62 T Cash/A Ward
1962-63 A Alexander/J Analts
1963-64 A McPhaden/A Wolff, Jun
1964-65 W Silto/A Wolff, Jun
1965-66 W Silto/A Wolff, Jun
1966-67 R Clode/A Wolff, Sen
1967-68 W Moulding/A Wolff, Jun
1968-69 W Moulding/A Wolff, Jun
1969-70 W Moulding/R Arney
1970-71 W Moulding/R Arney
1971-72 W Moulding/R Arney
1972-73 W Moulding/R Arney
1973-74 T Bruce/W Moulding
1974-75 T Bruce/W Moulding
!975-76 K Edwards/C Shetler
1976-77 T Bruce/W Moulding
1977-78 T Bruce/W Moulding
1978-79AmesburyK Satchell/J Chandler
1979-80AmesburyT Bruce/W Moulding
1980-81SwindonD Morris/D Tomlinson
1981-82SwindonK Satchell/J Chandler
1982-83SalisburyA Metcalfe/S Davies
1983-84CalneT Bruce/W Moulding
1984-85MelkshamK Satchell/J Chandler
1985-86Park, SwindonK Satchell/J Chandler
1986-87MelkshamB Powell/R Powell
1987-88Oasis, SwindonB Powell/R Powell
1988-89Park, SwindonT Bruce/W Moulding
1989-90SalisburyD Russell/T Lloyd
1990-91CalneT Bruce/W Moulding
1991-92MelkshamT Lloyd/A Pearson
1992-93Link, SwindonC Bridges/D Richards
1993-94LudgershallA Collar/E Roofe
1994-95SwindonA Collar/E Roofe
1995-96DevizesG Baldwin/R Powell
1996-97DevizesG Baldwin/R Powell
1997-98DevizesK Satchell/M Paul
1998-99SalisburyK Satchell/T Mileham
1999-00DevizesE Roofe/T O'Mahoney
2000-01TrowbridgeP Payne/G Baldwin
2001-02Link, SwindonD Richards/E Roofe
2002-03TrowbridgeD Richards/E Roofe
2003-04TrowbridgeT Lloyd/K Satchell
2004-05TrowbridgeT O'Mahoney/I Packford
2005-06TrowbridgeT O'Mahoney/I Packford
Link, Swindon 
2006-07TrowbridgeE Roofe/I Packford
2007-08TrowbridgeM Jaskolski/D Jaskolski
2008-09TrowbridgeM Jaskolski/G Freeman
2009-10TrowbridgeM Jaskolski/A Hodges
2010-11TrowbridgeM Jaskolski/A Hodges
2011-12West LavingtonM Jaskolski/A Hodges
2012-13West LavingtonM Jaskolski/A Hodges
2013-14West Lavington  M Jaskolski/A Hodges
2014-15 West Lavington T.Lloyd/T.Parkins 
2015-16West Lavington M Jaskolski/A Hodges
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