York Road TT Visit Winchcombe - April 2010


Dublin Crowd in Cheltenham

It all started last August 2009 when I received an email from a club in Dublin, wondering if WTTC might be interested in playing a match against them.  ‘Wondering’? – there was no chance our members would turn down an opportunity like that!  In due course, the necessary arrangements were made and a party of 14 from the York Road TTC came over to Cheltenham.  What follows are the memories from the weekend of April 1st -3rd 2010.


A few of us from Winchcombe went to meet our visitors in their hotel to break the ice, discuss playing arrangements and enjoy some banter (both cricket and rugby were mentioned for some reason, but not by us) over a couple of drinks.  A couple of drinks however were clearly not enough for two of their party (Gavin – he features again in this report – and Ben) who went clubbing in Cheltenham ‘til the early hours.


We collected the York Road players from their hotel and took them up to the school.  Disaster struck the home team during the knock-up when our no.1 on the day (Nick M) turned his ankle over and had to withdraw.  Eventually however a suitable replacement was found – one Tristan G. 

Two sets of matches were played between 12.00 noon and 5.30 pm, with a welcome interruption for a most enjoyable lunch.  By 6.15 pm we were all in the Oak where Myles and Andy did us proud and laid on an excellent buffet for some 30+ of us.  There was a lot of talk – and some drinking – and 11.00 pm arrived in no time and the chauffeurs were called in to duty. 


The tale of Gavin and his driving licence s now a legend in the event! Who has it ?  

Overall, the weekend was considered a resounding success by all involved, with discussions already being opened for a return match in Dublin.  From the Club’s side, thanks are due to those who prepared the lunch, set up the gym and acted as chauffeurs.  Above all however our heartfelt thanks go to the members of the York Road Club who more than played their part in making it such a great weekend.  I think we have found a set of kindred spirits in our friends from York Road and we look forward to continuing our link with them.  Here’s to 2012! 

Oh yes, the table tennis – almost incidental but Winchcombe did win the match!  

Article by Keith Ferguson

Author: via Winchcombe Table Tennis Club
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