Changes to club nights during school work
Building work commencing next month at the school will mean that neither the gym nor the hall will be able to be used for table tennis for 3 Thursdays. This in turn has meant a considerable revision of bookings for matches etc, detailed as follows:
Feb 05    2 matches scheduled - no change
Feb 12    school not available - 3 scheduled matches to be moved to Mar 19
Feb 19    school not available - no matches scheduled, so no problem(!)
Feb 26    school not available - 3 scheduled matches to be moved to Mar 26
Mar 05    3 scheduled matches - no change
Mar 12    3 scheduled matches - no change
Mar 19    3 rescheduled matches (from Feb 12)
Mar 26    3 rescheduled matches (from Feb 26)
Apr 02     Club Tournament (moved from original date of Mar 26)

Points to note

1    Team Captains (both Home and Away) have already been notified and will be be checking availability of players for the matches that have been moved.

2    The rescheduling has used up both the 'free' weeks that the League provides for the playing of rearranged matches.  Any further postponements of home matches will cause a problem, a solution to which is not obvious at the moment.

3    There will still be 1 table available for practice during the weeks when we can use the gym.  I am reluctant to have 4 matches played on the same evening as that does restrict court space for all concerned.

4    To repeat - there will be no table tennis at the school on Feb 12, 19 and 26.

I hope the above is clear.  I will of course keep you posted on any developments concerning these rearrangements.



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