This year’s Final of the Wirral Table Tennis League’s  Premier Team Cup was played at the Upton Cricket Club on Tuesday 14th April 2015.

The two teams contesting the Final were NFGR with Jonathan Taylor, Gavin Lloyd and Gemma Grant and Spinners with Steve Nicholls, Peter Walsh jr and Peter Walsh snr.

Spinners were quick out of the stalls and rushed to a 3-0 lead with Peter jr beating Gavin and Gemma and Steve beating Jonathan.

NFGR replied with a treble of their own.

Jonathan scored the first beating Peter jr in a 5-setter and the second winning the doubles with Gavin against Steve and Peter jr.

Gavin then levelled the match to 3-all with a win against Peter snr.

Steve put Spinners in the lead again with a win against Gemma but Jonathan levelled the score again with a win against Peter snr. 4-4

Steve struck again, against Gavin to lead the match by 5 sets to 4. (15 games all).

It was then up to Gemma to save the day for NFGR. This she did 3 games to 1 against Peter snr  to level the scores to 5 sets all and send the Cup to a Replay.

The match was played in good sporting spirit and provided some fantastic Table Tennis by these top players.

On the positive side, apart from the very good match, the venue proved adequate and with the pending improvements will be even better. 

On the other side, the occasion certainly deserved more support then the TWO spectators present.

Frank Sorrentino


The NFGR Club made a great effort in setting up an arena for what promised to be an entertaining and absorbing replay. A spacious court with sightscreen and spectator seating was set up at one end of the hall despite it being a very busy night for the clubs own users.

Amongst the spectators were the League President, Chairman, Vice Chairman and two WTTL Committee Members. This was a big improvement than for the original match. Some users also spent some time watching this top level match.

Unfortunately for Spinners it was business as usual for NFGR. The latter having the benefit of being able to play Steve, “I’m a Weshman”, Green in place of Gemma Grant considerably strengthening what was already a very strong team.

Winning the toss to decide “home” or “away” was won by NFGR enabling them to dictate the early match order. Once they had raced into a 3-0 lead the match result seemed inevitable. NFGR didn’t have things all there own way. Steve Nicholls had a tremendous five setter to beat Jonathan Taylor for his teams only win. Unfortunately that was the only time he was called to the table except for the doubles. Peter Walsh Junior had his chances in the only other five setter of the match when he lost to Jonathan. The rallies were quite spectacular at times and but for a couple of lucky nets that went against him in the early part of the fifth end Peter could have sneaked it. Peter Walsh Senior, although out of his depth, rose to the occasion and played exceedingly well. Steve Green was his usual efficient self and it was a disappointment not to see him in action against Steve Nicholls.

The final result 6-1.  Spinners could feel a little hard done by. If the Cup had been decided on the basis of the first match I’m told they would have won on countback. This rule would have applied in the event of another drawn match.


Pinewood beat Wallasey Manor by 57 points

It was a well fought match played in a sporting and friendly manner. Milan came into his best form after a back injury. This was bad news for Wall. Manor but Richie Cross kept the points to just 3 to Milan. Don Parr who chases everything, had some fantastic points but Milan just too strong. Connor gained most points for Pinewood. This due to a big improvement with him moving up to play Ellesmere Port Premier Division for half of this season. His handicap will be reduced to reflect this next season!!

Well played everyone and hope the Wallasey Manor team and their supporters who came to watch all enjoyed the evening if not the result!

Martin Sellars

The rules for this cup competition did cause controversy. The Management Committee were caught between a rock and a hard place. The problem was resolved and the actions were endorsed and the rules clarified at the AGM. These rules will be included in future Handbooks. A full explanation appears at the end of this article.


Our Ladys beat Hoylake 6-3

Alan Weldon won all 3 for Hoylake but 2 wins each for Richie Jones and Glynn Tierney plus the doubles and 1 for Dave Blair saw Our Lady’s complete league and cup double. Glynn beat Phil Roberts 11-8 in the fifth.


Pinewood III beat NFGR VII on points countback. The match ended 5 games each and 18 sets each. Dan Penny won 3 while Roy Dodd had a crucial win over Dan Peake. George Walker and Johannes Rietbrook both beat Roy and Nathan Penny.


Our Lady’s beat  Our Lady’s II 6-1 in the final.

Richie Jones won all 3 as Our Lady’s took the title. He beat both Sid Rivers and Bob West in a decisive fifth set.  Glynn Tierney beat Ann Dakin in 4 and Sid Rivers 11-9 in the decider while Dave Blair beat Bob and Ann without dropping an end.


Pathfinders beat NFGR IV by 13 points

Akil Thiruselvan and Matt Webster pulling off decisive wins over Frank Sorrentino.

Malcolm Kydd and Tomas Eckl both had 3 wins for NFGR but in vain.


NFGR beat Spinners 5-4

Bob Ashton beat Peter Walsh Snr to give NFGR the lead which increased when Rob Wylie beat Ian Henderson.

Keith Naylor beat Phil Evans and Ian Henderson beat Bob as Spinners pulled level.  Rob then beat Keith but Peter beat Phil as it remained all square at 3-3 Bob beat Keith and Ian beat Phil so everything rested on Rob and Peter.  Peter won the first 21-17 but Rob came back to take the next two 12 and 15 as NFGR took the Hepple Cup home. Six of the nine sets went to a deciding game. Rob Wylie (-12) had to score 255 points to win his 8 games. All of Peter Walsh's sets and Bob Ashton’s went to a decider. Bob claiming his 2nd Hepple Cup win.


All we know is that NFGR beat Pathfinders is this completion for Cadets.

Explanatory Note – Division 1 Cup

This handicap cup competition was the result of a proposal put to the Committee by Martin Sellars (Pinewood). 

The Committee agreed but the Fixture Secretary felt unable to take on the additional workload so Martin was left to organise the competition which included establishing the rules, handicaps, draw and receipt of result cards. Unfortunately the rules were not subsequently submitted to Committee for approval. As a result the Fixture Secretary and the rest of the Committee were under the mistaken impression that Rule 18 (Qualification for Semi-Finals and Wirral Closed Championship) were being applied. This has had unfortunate consequences this season. Perhaps this is best explained by the sequence of events:

  • In previous seasons players have taken part in a semi-finals or finals without complying with Rule 18. There was no challenge.
  • This season when the Fixture Secretary received the result of the second semi-final in which Pinewood beat NFGR he applied rule 18 which meant that Pinewood forfeited some games. The result then appeared in the Bulletin as a win for NFGR.
  • On being made aware of the position and history Frank Sorrentino (NFGR) sportingly agreed that despite Rule 18 Custom and Practice and Precedence should take preference. This allowed Pinewood to reach the final.
  • The Management Committee, after a vote, decided that the results of both the semi-final and final should stand.

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