New style Handicap Competition 

The First round will be played in eight groups of 3 or 4 teams. The group's will consist of at least one team from each division drawn at random, from 3 different pots. You will play all the teams in your group once. The winner of the group will go through to the main knockout stage. The second placed teams will qualify for a consolation knock out competition. The match will be decided on total points plus handicap points. The winning team will get 3 points a draw 1 point 0 for loss. If teams end up with equal points the following methods will be used to decide final order of the group's. First point differance total points gained minus points against. Second total points. All points totals includes handicap points.

Group A

  • Dynamos
  • T4
  • Lower Wick Tigers
  • JLM Lions

Group B

  • Cripplegate Guild
  • Nemesis
  • Non Blondes

Group C

  • St George's
  • FHWMC Enigma

Group D

  • YMCA Falcon
  • C G Codgers B
  • Worcester H


Group E


  • Rainbow
  • St Martin's A
  • St Martin's B

Group F

  • JLM Tigers
  • Broadheath Belters
  • Jays B

Group G

  • Himbleton
  • YMCA Elizabethans
  • Lost Echo

Group H

  • C G Codgers A
  • JLM Panthers
  • Upton Lionsl




Please play these games on the dates below I have figured it so there are no clashes thank you.


Monday 19th November.

Cripplegate Guild v Nemesis

Tuesday 20th November 

Himbleton v Elizabethans

CG Codgers A v JLM Panthers

Wednesday 21st November

Lower Wick Tigers v JLM Lions

St George's v Enigma

JLM Tigers v Broadheath Belters

Thursday 22nd November

YMCA Falcons v CG Codgers B

Rainbow v St Martins A

Friday 23rd November

Dynamos v T4


Monday 10 December

Enigma v FHWMC C

St Martin's A v St Martins B

Broadheath Belters v Jays B

Tuesday 11th December

CG Codgers B v Worcester H

Elizabethans v Lost Echo

Wednesday 12th December

JLM Lions v Dynamos

JLM Panthers v Upton Lions

Thursday 13th December

T4 v Lower Wick Tigers

Friday 14th December

Nemesis v Non Blondes


Monday 21st Januay

Non Blondes v Cripplegate Guild.

St Martin's B v Rainbow

Tuesday 22nd January

Worcester H v YMCA Falcans

Upton Lions v CG Codgers A

Wednesday 23rd January

Lower  Wick Tigers v Dynamos

St George's v FHWMC C

Lost Echo v Himbleton

Thursday 24th January

T4 v JLM Lions

Friday 25th January

Jays B v JLM Tigers


Handicap update.

This is to bring you all up to speed on how I am planning the handicap competition.

I won’t repeat what is already covered on the website and in your handbooks.

Regarding the handicapping this year I have come up with a system for handicapping based on the Ranking and this year’s current form rather than just trying to come up with an educated guestimate. The handicaps can change from one match to the next so the first ones you receive may not be the same for your next match.

 As a result of this I will be emailing each team Captain/Secretary on the Sunday before your matches a handicap for each of your players registered to your team. You will then add the three player’s handicaps that are playing in the match to come up with your team’s handicap.  This way your handicap will be based more on who’s playing rather than who I think is your strongest team and give you more flexibility in who is playing in the match. So now both teams will have a handicap score to be added even the top Division 1 teams. This also still gives an air of mystery over what your opponents handicap is even if you know yours.

On the evening you will play 3 games against each player to 11 points in other words first to 11. I have also carried on the idea of 3 doubles games the only difference is I have split them up throughout the evening as you will see on the new score card I have drawn up.  So when to reveal your handicaps to your opponents. My suggestion is that you wait to the end of the evening, but if both teams are in agreement I don’t mind if you reveal them at whatever stage you want to.

I have attached a copy of the score card for you as well if you could please print these off it would help a lot. I have also uploaded it to the website you can find it under Information tab as score card. After the match could the home team please take a picture of the score card and email it to me.

If you have any questions please email me


Cripplegate Guild v Nemisis. Conceded by Cripplegate

Dynamos v T4 Conceded  by T4

CG Codgers A 583 JLM Panthers (only 2 players) 338

Himbleton 625  Elizabethans 603

Lower Wick Tigers 638 JLM Lions 701

St George's 656 Enigma 597

YMCA Falcons 559 CG Codgers B 568

Rainbow  586 St Martin's A 591

JLM Tigers 542 Broadheath Belters 574


Group Standings so far.


Group A

  1. JLM Lions 3 points
  2. Dynamos  3 points
  3. Lower Wick Tigers 0 points
  4. T4  0 points

Group B

  1. Nemesis 3 points
  2. Cripplegate Guild 0 points
  3. Non Blondes

Group C

  1. St George's 3 points
  2. Enigma 0 points
  3. FHWMC C

Group D

  1. C G Codgers B  3 points
  2. YMCA Falcons 0 points
  3. Worcester H

Group E

  1. St Martin's A 3 points
  2. Rainbow 0 points
  3. St Martin's B

Group F

  1. Broadheath Belters 3 points
  2. JLM Tigers 0 points
  3. Jays B

Group G

  1. Himbleton  3 points
  2. Elizabethans  0 points
  3. Lost Echo

Group H

  1. C G Codgers A 3 points.
  2. JLM Panthers  0 points
  3. Upton Lions



Nemesis 593 Non Blondes 586

Enigma  639  FHWMC 'C'  654

Broadheath Belters  532  Jay's B  555

C G Codgers  598  Worcester H  585

St Martin's  A  610  St Martin's B  622

Elizabethans  692  Lost Echo  628

T4 v Lower Wick Tigers postponed by T4

JLM Lions lost to Dynamos by 7 points (waiting on score card)


Group Standings so far.

Group A

Team                               Played         Points Difference     Points  

Dynamos                             2                       +7                           6

JLM Lions                             2                        +63                         3

Lower Wick Tigers              1                        -63                         0

T4                                         Conceeded first game, postponed second.


Group B

 Nemesis                             1                           +7                        3

 Non Blondes                      1                           -7                         0

Cripplegate Guild             Withdrew from the competition.


Group C

St Georges                         1                           +59                       3

FHWMC ' C'                        1                            +15                       3

Enigma                                2                           -74                        0


Group D

CG Codgers B                    2                            +22                       6

YMCA Falcons                    1                            -9                          0

Worcester H                        1                            -13                        0


Group E

St Martins B                    1                                 +12                       3

St Martins A                     2                                 -2                         3

Rainbow                            1                                 -5                         0  


Group F

Jays B                              1                                     +23                     3

Broadheath Belters     2                                    +9                       3 

JLM Tigers                      1                                    -32                        0


Group G

Elizabethans                 2                                    +42                      3

 Himbleton                    1                                     +22                      3

Lost Echo                        1                                    -64                         0


Group H 

CG Codgers A               1                                      +245                  3

JLM Panthers                 1                                      -245                   0

Upton Lions                    0                                       0                     0     

 (waiting on score card between JLM Panthers v Upton Lions)





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