Vacancy - Worcestershire County Schools Representative
This position has become vacant and requires someone twice a year to organise the Schools Team qualifications event and later the Individuals event.

The age groups are Under 11's, Under13's,under 16's and Under 19's boys and girls teams and Individuals.

The team event takes place in Sept/Oct and the Individuals later in the new Year ideally mid January
Contacting Schools is the most time consuming part of the job but can be done by emailing the PE teachers.

A list of all Schools in the County is available to use.

Finding a venue can be a problem but there are two in Evesham which have been used previously, but if you can find one more local to you that is not a problem.

The post is now vacant and all qualification events for this year are complete and nothing needs organising until September 2015, but the new person needs to be in place by July to have their details printed in the next years handbook.

There are no meetings to attend , help is available from competition organisers.

For any further information please contact Ewan McKay  01386 831298 evenings  

Author: via Worcestershire County Table Tennis Association
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