2016-2017 - Results - Tables - Consolidated Averages

Division 1
Champions: Coneysthorpe A, Runners-up: York RI A. Relegated: Clarence B.
Division 2
Champions (promoted): University A. Relegated: Clarence C, York RI G.
Division 3
Champions (promoted): University B, Runners-up (promoted): Ryedale at RI. Relegated: BT B, Wigginton & Haxby A.
Division 4
Champions (promoted): York RI I, Runners-up (promoted): Clarence F.
Div1/Div2 Play-off: York RI D 2 York RI B 5 (York RI B retain their place in Division 1).

Go to ARCHIVE - PREVIOUS SEASONS to see results, tables and consolidated averages for each division, plus other information from 2016-2017.

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