York and District Table Tennis Association

1.   Winter Leagues and Divisions

1.1.1               The Association will organise appropriate Winter League competitions to meet its stated objectives. The number of teams in each Division will be recommended by the Management Committee and ratified at a General Meeting.

1.1.2               The top team in each division will be promoted and the bottom team will be relegated. Additionally, promotion into or from a division based on a fixture grid of eight teams or fewer, and between Divisions 1 and 2 regardless of the size of the fixture grids, will include a play off between the runner up in the lower division (at home) and the second bottom in the higher division, and the winner will play in the higher division and the loser will play in the lower division. In other scenarios the runner up in the lower division will be promoted and the second bottom in the higher division will be relegated.

1.1.3               Where deemed necessary by the Management Committee rule 1.1.2 may be overridden if the structure of the league needs to be changed.

1.1.4               Any teams which has been expelled or has resigned after being allocated a place will be positioned at the bottom of their division.

1.2.1               Team positions in the league will be decided on points won. Where there is a tied situation, the team with more wins will be deemed to have been placed higher and if there is still a tie, the team with more draws will be deemed to have been placed higher.  If there is a still a tied situation affecting promotion or relegation, a play-off at a neutral venue, arranged by the Match Secretary, will decide final placings. 

1.2.2               A play off will consist of 9 singles sets only.  Doubles will be played if the scores are tied (this can happen if both teams field two players).  To play in a play-off, in addition to rule 6.4, a player must have played at least 5 matches for the team involved in the play-off or a lower team.

1.2.3               Where vacancies exist in any division they will be offered as follows:            New teams will normally be placed in the lowest division, unless the Clubs at the specified General Meeting deems that their playing standard warrants them taking up a vacancy in another division.            If vacancies still exist they will be offered in the following order: (1) highest placed non-promoted team from the lower division, (2) higher placed relegated team from the higher division, (3) second-highest placed non-promoted team from the lower division, (4) lower placed relegated team from the higher division, (5) remaining non-promoted teams from the lower division in order of placings.            Unfulfilled vacancies will then be offered to other existing teams if the Clubs at the specified General Meeting deems that their playing standard warrants it.

2.   Winter League Fixtures

2.1.1               All matches should normally be played on the date shown in the fixture list or, by mutual agreement in advance of it.

2.1.2               The postponement and re-arrangement of matches is discouraged and will only be done in exceptional circumstances, and with the consent of both teams. Where matches are re-arranged, within 7 days of the original fixture date one of the following must occur: (a) If the home team requested the rearrangement then they must offer at least two dates to the away team, or (b) If the away team requested the rearrangement then the home team is obliged to offer one date only to the away team and if they can not offer any dates then they should not agree to the rearrangement and claim the match. The dates offered must be as soon after the original fixture date as possible, and not clash with either club’s other existing fixtures.

2.1.3               The team requesting the re-arrangement must notify the Match Secretary of the postponement immediately. They must also notify the Match Secretary as soon as the new fixture date is known and not more than 14 days after the original fixture date. A £3.00 fine will be levied on clubs who play a match after the fixture list week without previously having notified the Match Secretary of the revised date.

2.1.4               All Winter League matches due to be played before Christmas must be played on or before 31 December. All other Winter League matches will be played on or before the Friday of the week following the last scheduled week of fixtures.

2.1.5               Unfulfilled matches will be referred to the Management Committee. If neither club is deemed to be at fault, the match may be declared void (0-0), or may instruct the match to be played, or a tribunal, made up of three Management Committee Members with no direct interest in the result may apportion the points available.

2.1.6               Where one team fails to turn up, the other team will be responsible for informing the Match Secretary within 48 hours asking for adjudication.

2.1.7               Where a club is deemed to be at fault for an unfulfilled fixture, they will be fined £5.00 (£10.00 if they fail to notify their opponents of the cancellation before the day of the fixture), and 3 points will be deducted from the team’s grand total.  The tribunal will award an appropriate number of points to the non-offending team which pays due credit to the team and its playing results.

2.2.1               A team turning up with only one eligible player will be considered to have failed to fulfil a fixture.

2.2.2               A team turning up with only 2 eligible players will forfeit 3 singles sets, the remainder being played as normal.  Where both teams turn up with only 2 eligible players each, the set that the missing players should have played against one another will be declared void, and each team will claim another 2 missing sets each.  The remaining sets will be played as normal with a total of 9 sets available.

2.2.3               Where a fixture cannot be completed due to problems involving the playing facilities, it will only be considered fulfilled if at least five sets have been completed, in which case all uncompleted sets will be awarded to the away team.  If the match has not started or less than five sets have been completed it should be referred to the Management Committee.

3.   Winter League Matches

3.1.1               All matches will be played under the current Laws of Table Tennis, including that only ITTF approved balls, ITTF approved racket coverings and traditional hard-bats, may be used.

3.2.1               Teams will consist of three registered players, each of whom will play each member of the opposing team a set, the best of five games. A set of doubles will also be played. Any two of each team may constitute the pair to play in the doubles contest. One point will be awarded for each set won.

3.2.2               Sets won by ineligible players will be awarded to the opposing team, and a fine of £10.00 will be levied against the offending club.

3.2.3               Prior to the commencement of a match, the home captain will be the first to determine the order in which their players will play the match by entering their names on the scorecard. The order of play will be as per the scorecard: B v Z, C v X, A v Y, B v X, A v Z, C v Y, A v X, B v Y, C v Z, doubles (A, B and C are the home team and X, Y and Z are the away team). All matches will be played to a finish.

3.2.4               Deviation from the usual order of play is only allowable with the consent of both teams.

3.3.1               Unless agreed by both team captains / contact, matches will commence no later than 7.30 pm and play will be continuous with all matches being played to a finish.

3.3.2               An umpire agreed upon by the captains will be appointed for each set. The umpire's decision will be final.

3.3.3               Non-attendance of any player when called upon to play will entail the loss of that particular set.  A reserve can replace a player who has not played in the match, in which case the reserve will play throughout the match.

3.3.4               The first player is deemed to have been called upon to play at 7.30 pm, the second at 7.45 pm and the third at 8.00 pm. In the absence of the team at 8.15 pm, the match will be deemed to have been unplayed.

3.3.5               Any player who concedes a set during a match will not be allowed to take further part in that match without the permission of the opposing team. If play has commenced in a set and a player concedes, the set qualifies for both players' personal averages.

3.3.6               In the event of both players not being present when their set is due to be played, the set will be declared void.

3.3.7               When play cannot continue because of the absence of one or more players, the match will be considered at an end and the scorecard completed.

3.3.8               Time-outs will not be permitted in competitions organised by the Association.

3.3.9               In accordance with Table Tennis England rules, a player is not allowed to change a racket during an individual match unless it is accidentally damaged so badly it cannot be used.  A match is defined as one player against another or a doubles.

3.4.1               The home team is responsible for reporting the result of each match on the scorecard provided, and submitting it for data entry within 24 hours.

3.4.2               The score card must show the names of all players involved in the match, all scores, and be signed by both captains.

3.4.3               Where a scorecard, claim or notice of postponement is not received by the Match Secretary within 3 working days after the fixture date, a fine of £3.00 will be levied on the offending Club.

3.4.4               If the scorecard or a copy is not received within 11 days after the date of the fine, a further fine of £10.00 will be levied.

4.   Other Events

4.1.1               The Management Committee will have the power to arrange any other Tournaments, Matches, Competitions or Trials etc. that further its objectives.

4.1.2               The Management Committee will have the power to decide the format and rules of such events as it sees fit.  The rules will be the same as for the Winter League unless specifically stated.

4.1.3               Only players registered with the Association may compete in such events, except where specifically stated below.

4.2.1               Where the Management Committee organises a York Closed Championship, entrants must be registered with the Match Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the entry closing date as published on the entry form to qualify.

4.2.2               In addition, entrants for divisional events must have played at least two current winter league matches in that division prior to the closing date as published on the entry form, to qualify.  A player may enter one divisional event for which they qualify and that will be the division that their nominated team is competing in at the time of the entry deadline.

4.2.3               Members of affiliated clubs who are not registered to play in winter leagues may enter any events for which they would be eligible. They must be registered with Table Tennis England.

4.3.1               Players not registered for the previous Winter League may take part in a Summer League if they are registered with the Summer League Secretary.

5.   Clubs

5.1.1               Clubs may be admitted to the Association at any time, subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

5.1.2               Applicants must forward to the Match Secretary a completed application form, stating full particulars of the Club's Headquarters, name and address of Secretary, and the fixed home match night in respect of each team entered.

5.1.3               Clubs wishing to change any details relating to their headquarters, secretaries or match nights must do so in writing to the General Secretary giving 2 weeks notice prior to the Monday of the first fixture week affected.

5.1.4               The General Secretary will then notify the Match Secretary and the Secretaries of the Clubs concerned in writing.

5.2.1               Each Club must send a representative to all General Meetings. Any club failing to send a representative to a General Meeting will incur a fine of £5.00.

5.2.2               Each Club will deposit £15.00 with the association to be held as a guarantee of keeping the association rules and the fulfilment of all fixtures. 

5.2.3               Any Club which exceeds its guarantee deposit in outstanding fines will be required to pay an additional guarantee deposit of an amount set by the Management Committee. Guarantee Deposits must be restored to the full amount with payment of the team entry fees.

5.2.4               The guarantee deposit will be returnable on cessation of membership, providing all obligations have been met. Claims for the return of the deposit must be submitted to the Treasurer within one year of cessation of membership.

5.2.5               Affiliation Fees and Guarantee Deposits will be remitted together with applications for membership by a date decided at the AGM and notified to all Clubs and will not be refunded after application for membership has been accepted.

5.2.6               For directly affiliated Clubs (not taking part in the League competition) the annual Affiliation Fee will be £10.00 plus the appropriate YTTA affiliation fees.  Any Cadet/ Junior players who are members of such Clubs may be registered with the Match Secretary free of charge.

6.   Winter League Teams

6.1.1               The annual Affiliation Fee, for each team in membership, will be as agreed at the AGM and include appropriate YTTA fees.

6.1.2               In addition, each player must register with the Table Tennis England. This can be done directly to Table Tennis England or through any local league (including Y&DTTA).

6.2.1               If any Club withdraws a team from a league after it has been allocated a place, it will be fined £10.00. The players nominated in a withdrawn team can only play in a higher team, grading permitting.

6.2.2               The record of any team which may resign or be expelled from the Association during the season will be expunged.

Explanation of rules 6.3 and 6.4 (gradings and nominations): The rules are to ensure that a player playing up in a higher team does not result in that team being stronger. The restriction the rules impose is that a higher graded player who is nominated for a lower team is not allowed to substitute for a lower graded player in a higher team. Clubs may legitimately nominate higher graded players in lower teams for a number of reasons (e.g. players travelling together, players wanting to play together for social reasons, senior player playing with juniors). If these restrictions were not in place a club could, for example, nominate their fourth best player in their lowest team and that player could play for all teams until they were tied to higher teams. The rules are not watertight. In this example the fourth best player could still be nominated for the lowest team and play matches for that team until he/she had played five for the A team (assuming A team consisted of players graded 1, 2 and 3), but we would expect that player to be nominated for the A team.

6.3.1               Clubs entering more than one team in the league will submit a nomination list with players listed, not necessarily in merit order, to reach the Match Secretary not later than fourteen days before the commencement of the season.

6.3.2               At least three players must be nominated for each team. A player not nominated for a team will be deemed to be nominated for his/her Club's lowest team.

6.3.3               Players will not be eligible to play in a team below the one for which they are nominated, unless the nomination list is amended by mutual consent of the Club and Management Committee. There must be a valid and compelling reason for the re-nomination of a player.

6.4.1               Every Club must submit a separate grading list, with all its registered players shown in merit order, to the Match Secretary not later than fourteen days before the commencement of the season. No equal gradings will be accepted.

6.4.2               Clubs wishing to amend their grading list after the commencement of the league must receive the approval of the Management Committee.

6.4.3               A player is only eligible to play in a team higher than his/her nominated team if he/she is replacing a higher graded player.

6.4.4               When a player has played five matches in one higher team he/she is ineligible to play in a team below that one. If this results in the lower team having fewer than three nominated players the grading of the absent (or missing) player shall be deemed to be equal to the grading of the originally nominated player in that team.

6.4.5               The Management Committee will have the right to amend any Club's grading list at any time, following consultation, if it feels that players have been mis-graded.

6.4.6               Failure to submit nomination and grading lists by the due date may result in a fine, at the discretion of the Management Committee.

6.4.7               Club secretaries must inform the Match Secretary of new players joining during the season before they play their first match. They must provide the grading and nomination information for the new players and ensure that they register with Table Tennis England. Signing of New players after 1st March must be approved by the Management Committee.

7.   Transfers

7.1.1               No player may play for more than one Club in the same league during the season unless a transfer is approved by the Management Committee.

7.1.2               All applications for transfer must be made in writing to the Match Secretary.

7.1.3               The written approval of both Clubs must be obtained and submitted by the applicant.

7.1.4               The Management Committee may transfer a player without club approval if it appears to them that such approval is being withheld arbitrarily.

7.1.5               No player requesting a transfer is eligible to play for their new team until 7 days after the Management Committee has approved their transfer.

8.   Discipline, disputes, protests and appeals

8.1.1                 If an issue cannot be resolved between the parties involved it will be referred to the Management Committee, who will request versions of events and/or personal representations from both parties.

8.1.2                 Full details of any protest, dispute or complaint from clubs or individual members should normally be communicated to the General Secretary within 7 days of the incident occurring and a copy will be sent at the same time by the protesting Club or individual member to any other Club or individual member concerned. The Management Committee will hear complaints and protests within 14 days of a complaint and protests being lodged.

8.1.3                 All protests, disputes and complaints, relating to decisions of the Management Committee, Sub-Committees or Officers should normally be communicated to the General Secretary within 7 days of receiving notification of the decision, with a copy to the Officer concerned.

8.1.4                 The Management Committee will reach a decision on the matter based only on the evidence put before it.

8.1.5                 If still not resolved, the Association will appoint a Board of Appeal which will be made up of members who are not members of the Management Committee. The decision of the Board of Appeal is final.

8.1.6                 Appeals against fines will only be considered if the fines have been paid.

9.   Fines

9.1.1               All fines and fees should be paid to the appropriate Officer within 21 days of demand.  A reminder will then be sent by the appropriate Officer.  Fines and fees not paid within a further 14 days will be taken from the Guarantee Deposit and the Management Committee may suspend the club from further competition until the fines are paid.

10. Association Badge

10.1.1             The Management Committee will award a badge to any player representing the Association in three or more Yorkshire League Matches in one season.

10.1.2             The Management Committee will also have the power to award an Association badge to any person whom they may deem to merit this distinction.

11. Other Matters

11.1.1             The Management Committee will have the power to deal with any matters concerning the Association not provided for in these rules.

11.1.2             As a note for profit organisations keeping only permitted data, the YDTTA deems itself exempt from registration for the purposes of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

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