The draw for the quarter-finals is as follows:

Monday 26 March 2018
Shepherds “A” @ Clarence                            v              Clarence “B”(S2)
York R I “H”                                                      v              Coneysthorpe “B” (M1)

Tuesday 27 March 2018
Bootham “A” @ R I                                         v              Clarence “A” (S4)
Clarence C I U “A”                                           v              Clarence “E” (M3)

Wednesday 28 March 2018
Clarence “C”                                                    v              York R I “A” (S1)
York R I “F”                                                       v              Strensall “B” (M2)

Thursday 29 March 2018
York R I “B”                                                      v              York R I “E” (S3)
Coneysthorpe “A”                                          v              Poppleton (M4)

KEY : S = Shepherd Trophy Second Round.  M = Machell Trophy First Round.

Match start time is 7.30 pm except for York R I and Bootham @ R I home matches (7.15 pm).  All matches should be played by 15 April 2018.  Matches can be rearranged by mutual agreement within this allocated period.  Please let me know if you rearrange a match.

Players must be registered with me, with Dave Quinlan (Match Secretary) and with T T England and must not play in these Competitions for more than two teams at their club.  A player must have played in at least five Winter League matches or at least one Cup fixture in either event prior to the semi-final round to be eligible to play in the semi-finals and/or finals.

Blank white scorecards were passed to Club Secretaries at the September General Meeting. Please post or email the completed scorecard on to me immediately after the match. Late scorecard/notification fines may apply.  If there are any problems (e.g. player eligibility) please ring me.

Semi Finals and Finals will be played at York Railway Institute with a 7.15 pm start.

Semi Finals

Tuesday 1 May 2018      Winner of S1 v Winner of S2 (Table 1) – M1 v M2 (Table 2)
Thursday 3 May 2018    S3 v S4 (Table 1) – M3 v M4 (Table 2)


Wednesday 9  May 2018   Shepherd (Table1) - Machell (Table 2)

David Atkinson (Competitions Secretary)
Telephone (01904) 704743 (9.30am to 9.30pm)
E-mail: davidcatkinson@hotmail.co.uk
106 Bramble Dene, Woodthorpe, York YO24 2RJ

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