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Summer Competition Rules

1. Entry will be open to all affiliated clubs. Players may register for clubs other than those for which they play in the Winter League. Clubs may enter more than one team. The club grading in order of merit must appear on the reverse side of the entry form which also acts as the players registration form. The entry form must indicate which players will represent each team. No players may be registered after August 1st. Substitutes will only be allowed to play if they have been registered and graded. Where a club enters more than one team a player can play in a maximum two teams only. No entry will be considered after the closing date or a date fixed by the organising committee.

2. Clubs must specify the home night of each team entered. Fixtures should be played during the fixture list week as specified. However fixtures may be rearranged by mutual agreement as long as the opposing team receives at least three days’ notice of postponement and as long as rule 7 (see below) is not broken. Both teams are responsible for notifying the Summer Competition (SC) Secretary of a postponement and of the rearranged date. All fixtures shall be played by the time limit set by the organising committee. The home team shall be responsible for notifying the SC Secretary of the result within 72 hours of the fixture being played. Teams failing to fulfil fixtures will be fined on each occasion and their opponents will be awarded seven points. Where one team fails to turn up the other team shall be responsible for submitting a score card claiming the fixture. Playing unregistered or ineligible players will forfeit to the opposing team any points won by that player.

3. All fixtures will be played in accordance with Association Rule 3. Each set will consist of two games of 21 points up. Ends will be changed at completion of first game and at this point coaching is allowed. Deuce will not be played. Scoring in each game will commence at nil - nil. Services will be two at a time for each player, as in the winter league for games up to 11.

4. Each player registered with a club will be allocated an individual group number based upon an allocation to one of 30 possible ranking groups. At the end of each set the "handicap difference" (based on the difference in group numbers of the two players) will be added to the game scores of the lower ranked player and the player with the higher points total resulting from this calculation will gain one point for their team. If the scores are equal after the handicap adjustment then both players will gain half a point for their teams. There will be 10 points available to be won in each league and knock-out (semi-final/final) fixture the tenth being doubles. Doubles handicaps will be calculated by adding both players’ group numbers together and dividing by two. In the event of either or both teams having half a point this will be rounded down to the next whole figure and the result will be calculated the same as in the singles. Further details of the Handicap system, including an example of how to complete a scorecard are provided in a separate document. In the event of a tied match in the knockout stages the team with the highest points total (points and handicaps added together for all ten sets) will win the match. The committee shall have the power to amend any handicap at any stage. Group numbers will be reviewed half way through the league season, following completion of all first half matches, and may be reviewed again for the knockout stages. The result on the score card will be the only one accepted and no check will be carried out on the additions.

5. The first stage of the competition will be played on a league basis; the number of teams in each section, and the number of times teams play each other being decided by the committee. Final positions in the league programme will be decided on points won. Qualifying teams will go forward into play offs at the end of the league programme. In the event of teams finishing equal on points in the league the team with the best playing record (most wins followed by most draws if wins equal) will progress to the play offs. If they are still equal a ten-point sectional play off will decide the final respective. The SC Secretary will make the necessary arrangements for any sectional play off required i.e. date and venue. A draw will usually take place to determine home venue. In the event of a tie in the sectional play offs, quarter finals, semi-finals or final the highest points total will decide the match and if the result is still a tie both teams shall independently nominate a player for a one game play off. To ensure a result the handicap difference will be adjusted by half a point in favour of the player from the away side. A player may only take part in the knockout stages of the competition for a team if he/she has played in at least three matches for that team in the league programme. A sectional play off does not count as a league fixture nor does it constitute a match in the knockout stages of the competition.

6. The SC Secretary may impose the following fines on clubs:

a) Where the score card or a copy is not received within 21 days after the date of the fixture a fine of £5 will be levied.

b) Where the team is deemed to be at fault and fails to complete the fixture under rule 2 (£5). The fine will be increased to £10 if they fail to notify their opponents of the cancellation before the day of the fixture.

c) Where the team fields an ineligible player under rule 1 (£3)

Where a team has been fined three times for failing to fulfil fixtures it will be expelled from the league/competition and all the results will be expunged.

All fines must be paid in accordance with Association Rule 9

7. The league season may be split into two halves; in this case second half matches should not be brought forward into the first half and first half matches should not be carried forward into the second half. All fixtures must be played within the time limits specified in the fixture list programme.

8. In the event of any question arising not provided for in these rules and notes the decision of the committee shall be final.

9. Entry fee is £6 per team; cheque only made payable to: Y&D TTA. In addition each unaffiliated club will have to pay an £8 returnable guarantee deposit, such deposit being held as a guarantee of keeping the Association rules and the fulfilment of fixtures plus £5 directly affiliated club fee. Closing date for receipt of entries and start date of the competition will be decided by the SC Secretary.

10. The play off arrangements will be detailed on the fixture list along with the number of teams who shall qualify from each section.

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