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Just a reminder that any requests regarding additional registrations must go to the League Secretary. 

There is a team checker option available for you to check the validity of your team.  Why not try and use it, it may help?

Don't forget that you need to be properly registered with the ETTA BEFORE you play a match.  If you're not then your results will not count.

Result sheets to be either downloaded or used as a proforma are available.  Also Rearrangement cards and Cup Result sheets.

PLEASE, when you agree to cancel a match the League Secretary MUST have a rearrangement card specifying the new date emailed to him.  If he does not receive this then you are causing him unnecessary work.  You can download a rearrangement card from the website.  Phone calls and/or Texts WILL NOT be acceptable.

Also failure to complete result sheets both FULLY and CORRECTLY will be treated as non-receipt of results, which leads to point deductions.  So please be careful.