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Over the coming months, Bromley Table Tennis will be hosting a number of planned events at the club which may at times, disrupt the clubs normal schedule. Events such specialist coaching events and competition hosting (British League) are key to ensuring the financial stability of the club whilst allowing us to maintain a top level environment for our members to enjoy. We aim to minimise the impact of such events on our schedule whilst actively encouraging members to get involved and support these events. 

A number of members may not be aware that we maintain a club calendar on this website so people can see which events we have coming up. This is an excellent resource in ensuring members get a single view of our planned events in a central location. As always, we will endeavour to communicate any interruptions to our normal schedule by word of mouth, Facebook and our news feed on this website.

The planned events calendar can be accessed through the clubs website (General Tab) or by clicking the below:

Current Planner Events / Closures (at time of writing):

 8th– 9thSeptember 18 – Senior British League 

13th– 14thOctober 18 – Senior British League

Sunday 28thOctober – Bromley Club Annual Tournament (Entry encouraged from members available through the clubs website)

Sunday 20thJanuary – Bromley 2* Tournament (Entry available through Table Tennis England Website)

Saturday 16thFebruary 19 – Senior British League

Sunday 17thFebruary  - Bromley 2* Tournament (Entry available through Table Tennis England Website)

16th– 17thMarch – Senior British League


Planned Christmas Closure

The club will be closed due to School closures over the festive holiday period. The club will be closed from 22ndDecember 18 – 6thJanuary 19 (inclusive)

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